Dr. Luna Bharati

Research themes
  • Agriculture, land use, climate change
Additional Information:

PD Dr Luna Bharati has over 15 years of post-PhD. experience in research, research project management and policy advice with extensive international experience in North America, Europe, South Asia, South-East Asia and West Africa. The key areas of her interests and expertise are in integrated water resources assessment and management. She has also worked extensively in assessing climate change risks and impacts and adaptation strategies in large river basins to small mountain watersheds and farming systems.

She has been successful in extending her research findings into policy and practice. She has advised government initiatives and investment plans for organizations such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank as well as other donor agencies such, DFAT, IFAD USAID. She has provided direct input into national policies of the government of Nepal e.g. Irrigation Master Plan and the Nepal Water Resources Strategy. Her work on Environmental Flows has also been incorporated into the Clean Ganga Mission of the Government of India. She has recently provided input to the Government of Nepal’s position on Climate Change and the Government of Myanmar’s Nationally Determined Contribution Report to UNFCCC.

She has authored over 100 publications including editing a book and almost 50 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Bharati works for the International Center for Water Resources and Climate Change (ICWRGC) and manages the PhD programme to Advance Water Science in Southern Africa under the SASSCAL programme.

Google scholar


Bharati, Luna.  2021.  Google scholar.  Further Information

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Luna Bharati

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Ecology and Natural Resources Management


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