Prof. Dr. Joachim von Braun

Professional experience

von Braun is an agricultural economist, with a Doctoral degree from University of Göttingen, Germany. He is distinguished Professor (emeritus) for Economic and Technical Change. He was Director of ZEF during its foundation phase 1997-2002 and also in 2010 to 2021. At ZEF he currently manages some research projects, such “Program of Accompanying Research for Agricultural Innovation” (PARI) in Africa and India, and “Volatility in Markets and the Poor”, and an EU Project “FoodCost” that aims to quantify the external costs of the food system. His research addresses international and development economics topics, incl. markets and trade; poverty; health and nutrition; bioeconomy, agriculture, and science and technology. He served as co-coordinator of the “Transdisciplinary Research Area Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Futures” of Bonn University in the context of the Excellence Initiative of the University. von Braun is President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences of the Vatican, he is member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, Academy of Science and Art of North-Rhine Westphalia, German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences; fellow of The World Academy, and of the International Science Council. He is Vice-President of the NGO “Welthungerhilfe” (WHH), member of the International Advisory Committee on Bioeconomy. He served as Chair of the Scientific Group for the Food Systems Summit 2021 of the UN Secretary General; among awards received by von Braun are a honorary Doctoral degree from University of Hohenheim, and the Bertebos Prize of the Swedish Academy of Agricultural Sciences for his research on food security, and the Justus von Liebig Prize for his research on international nutrition. von Braun was Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) based in Washington, DC, USA, and President of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. (More details see CV)


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53113 Bonn, Germany

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2024.  Publications List Joachim von Braun (March 2024).  Download [PDF | 1.23MB]


Sadoff, C., J. von Braun.  2021.  COP26: Funding Innovation Crucial for Strengthening Climate-Stressed Food Systems : Opinion.  Further Information
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Joachim von Braun

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Economic and Technological Change


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