Dr. Tobias Wünscher

Country of current residence


Current position

Postdoctoral Researcher

Current institute employer

University of Bonn



Previous positions

2001-2003: Business consultant at the BC Basel Consulting Group AG, Switzerland. Responsibilities in: Process optimization, market analysis, market entry strategy development, evaluation of public relation potential of electronic media, project management, presentation design. 1997-2003: Research Assistant at the Institute for Agricultural Business Operations at the University of Hohenheim. Responsibilities: GIS-analysis, literature research, preparation of scientific presentations, translation, paper revision, general support.


Agricultural Economist


Engel, S. and Wünscher, T.  2015.  Payments for environmental services as a mechanism to promote biodiversity conservation in a Green Economy: Potentials and limitations.  In: Gasparatos, A., Willis, K. (eds.): Biodiversity within the Green Economy. London: Routledge.  


Khalumba, M., Wünscher, T., Wunder, S., Büdenbender, M., Holm-Müller, K..  2014.  Combining Auctions and Performance-Based Payments in a Forest Enrichment Field Trial in Western Kenya.  Conservation Biology , 28(3)   : 861–866   .
Wünscher T. and S. Engel.  2014.  Cost-effective Targeting for International Payments for Ecosystem Services.  In: Joshua Bishop and Chloe Hill (eds.): Global Biodiversity Finance - The Case for International Payments for Ecosystem Services. Edward Elgar.   Further Information


Iskandar, D.D., Wünscher, T..  2012.  Finding the Stronger Impact among Bribery, Financial Reward, and Religious Attitude: The Insights of Experiment on Environmental Tax Compliance in Indonesia.  Further Information
Iskandar, D.D., Wünscher, T., Badhuri, A..  2012.  The Determinants of Compliance on Environmental Tax: The Insights of Theoretical and Experimental Approaches Motivated by the Case of Indonesia.  Further Information
Wünscher, T. and S. Engel.  2012.  International payments for biodiversity services: Review and evaluation of con-servation targeting approaches. 


Wünscher, T., Engel, S., Wunder, S..  2011.  Practical Alternatives to Estimate Opportunity Costs of Forest Conservation.  Further Information
Wünscher, T., M. Khalumba, K. Holm Müller, M. Büdenbender.  2011.  The cost-effectiveness of combining conservation auctions with performance based payments – A field trial in rural Kenya.  Further Information


Wünscher, T., Engel, S., Wunder, S..  2010.  Opportunity Costs as a Determinant of Participation in Payments for Ecosystem Service Schemes.  Further Information


Wünscher, T..  2009.  Spatial Targeting of Payments for Environmental Services in Costa Rica – A Site Selection Tool for Increasing Conservation Benefits.  Electronic Publication provided by University of Bonn at  Center for Development Research (ZEF) of the University of Bonn, Germany. 


Wünscher, T., Engel, S., Wunder, S..  2008.  Spatial targeting of payments for environmental services: A tool for boosting conservation benefits.  Ecological Economics , 65(4)   : 822-833   .
Wünscher, T., Engel, S., Wunder, S..  2008.  Payments for Environmental Services - Pioneer Costa Rica. 
Wünscher, T., Guthiga, P..  2008.  Report from Kakamega Forest in Kenya: Biological Richness under Threat. 


Engel, S., Wünscher, T., Wunder, S..  2007.  Increasing the Efficiency of Conservation Spending: The case of Payments for Environmental Services in Costa Rica.  In: C.B. Schmitt, T. Pistorius and G. Winkel (eds.): A Global Network of Forest Protected Areas under the CBD: Opportunities and Challenges. Freiburg Schriften zur Forst- und Umweltpolitk 16. Verlag Kessel: Remagen.  


Wünscher, T., Engel, S., Wunder, S..  2006.  Payments for environmental services in Costa Rica: increasing efficiency through spatial differentiation.  Quarterly Journal of Agricultural Economics, 45(4)   : 317-335   .


Wünscher, T., Schultze-Kraft, R., Peters, M., Rivas, L..  2004.  Early adoption of the tropical forage legume Arachis Pintoi in Huetar Norte, Costa Rica.  Experimental Agriculture , 40   : 257-268   .

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
and Downloads
Research themes
  • Governance
  • Global development and trade
  • New Technologies
  • Governance and conflict
Research countries
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Benin
Research projects
Ongoing Projects: WASCAL (West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use), www.wascal.org Since 2011: “Conservation Auctions: Application and Challenges in Developing Countries”. Team responsibility for 1 PhD student and international partners. Completed Projects: BIOTA East, Subproject E13: "Conservation and Management of Biodiversity for Rural Livelihoods: Developing Sustainable Strategies for Reconciling Stakeholders' Interests in Kakamega Forest" (www.biota-africa.org)

2013: One day course on smallholder innovation, Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research (BIGS-DR)

2013: One day course on payments for ecosystem services and conservation auctions. Master course on ‘Economics of European forests: new challenges and opportunities’, AgroParisTech, INRA, Laboratoire d'Économie Forestière - Centre de Nancy.

2013-2014: ENV-300: Seminar on Environmental Economics and Policy together with Junior Professor Dr. Jan Börner.

2012,2013: Three one-week courses within the doctoral program on Climate Change Economics at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal: 1. Economics and Finance of Climate Change (2012 and 2013; 2. Environmental Valuation (2012 and 2013); 3. Experimental Economics (2012 and 2013).

2007,´08,´09,´10: 3 day course at Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research (BIGS-DR) in environmental economics.

2006: Course in solving mathematical problems in environmental economics as part of the “Curso de Economía Ambiental y de los recursos naturales” by Dr. Franzisko Alpízar within the MSc program at the Tropi-cal Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), Costa Rica

Tutorship of doctoral candidates

Welfare and Environmental Impact of Clean Cooking Stoves in Upper East Ghana

Doctoral Student: Gebrelibanos G. Gebremariam

University of Bonn

Status: start 2013


Farmer innovation in rural West Africa: determinants and implications for climate change and food security

Doctoral student: Justice Akpene Tambo

University of Bonn

Status: start 2011


The Role of Risk and Trust in Conservation Auctions

for Performance Based Payments for Environmental Services and the Cost Effectiveness Implications:

Experiments in Rural Kenya

Doctoral Student: Lucie Andeltova

University of Bonn

Status: start 2009


Assessing the Opportunity cost of avoided deforestation in Central America: case studies in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Doctoral student: Tania Gabriela Osejo Carrillo

University of Göttingen

Status: start 2009


Participatory Implementation of Experimental Extraction and Conservation Performance Schemes for Sustainable Use of Forest Products from Kakamega Forest, Kenya.

Doctoral Student: Mercelyne Luxen Khalumba

University of Bonn

Status: start 2007


Household Energy Consumption and Dependency on Common Pool Forest Resources: The Case of Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya

Doctoral Student: Stephen Wambua Mutie

University of Göttingen

Status: completed


Dealing With Bribery in an Emission Tax Scheme: Theoretical and Experimental Evidence Based on The Indonesian Case

Doctoral Student: Deden Dinar Iskandar

University of Bonn

Status: Completed

Supervision of
ongoing doctoral theses

Impact of Flood on the Livelihood of Farmers in the Context of Forest Degradation and Climate Change: Case Study of Benin

Docoral Student: Alice Bonou

University Cheikh Anta DIOP (UCAD), Dakar, Senegal

Status: Start 2013


Social Network and farm household vulnerability to climate change: case study of central region of Togo

Doctoral Student: Afo-Loko Owondo, University Cheikh Anta DIOP (UCAD), Dakar, Senegal

Status: start 2013


Food Security in a context of climate vulnerability: an assessment of households ‘ vulnerability and resilience to food security in Niger

Doctoral student: Aboubakr Gambo Boukary, University Cheikh Anta DIOP (UCAD), Dakar, Senegal

Status: start 2013


Social Capital and Farmers’ Adaptations Strategies to Climate Change in Burkina Faso

Doctoral student: Thomas Bindayaoba YAMEOGO

PhD program: Economics of Climate Change (2012)

University Cheikh Anta DIOP (UCAD), Dakar, Senegal


Collective action and farmers’ climate change adaptation strategies adoption in the plain of Oti in Togo

Doctoral Student: Mikemina PILO

PhD program: Economics of Climate Change (2012)

University Cheikh Anta DIOP (UCAD), Dakar, Senegal


Psycho-socioeconomic assessment of rural farm communities’ risk perception and adaptive behavioral responses to climate change in Northern Ghana

Doctoral student: John APPAH

PhD program: Economics of Climate Change (2012)

University Cheikh Anta DIOP (UCAD), Dakar, Senegal

Additional information

West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapated Land Use, WASCAL (www.wascal.org)

Tobias Wünscher

Former Associated Researcher

Former Division/Group:
Economic and Technological Change

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