Prof. Dr. Peter Mollinga

Research themes
  • Governance
  • Water resources (management)
  • Development Politics
  • Migration, mobility and urbanization
Research countries
  • India


Mollinga P.  2014.  Canal irrigation and the hydrosocial cycle.  Geoforum, 57   : 192-204   .


Mollinga, P.P. and D. Gondhalekar.  2012.  Theorizing Structured Diversity: An approach to comparative research on the globalisation-localisation dynamics in water resources management.  ICCWaDs Working Paper Series.  


Mollinga, P.P.  2010.  Boundary work and the complexity of natural resources management.  Crop Science, 50   : 1-9   .
Mollinga, P.P. and Bhat, A. and Saravanan, S.V.  2010.  When policy meets reality: Political dynamics and the practice of integration in water resources management reform.  LIT Verlag. Berlin.


Slootweg, R. and Mollinga, P.P..  2009.  The impact assessment framework.  In: R. Slootweg, A. Rajvanshi, V. B. Mathur and A. Kolhoff (eds.): Biodiversity in environmental assessment. Enhancing ecosystem services for human well-being. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.   87-124. 


Molle, F., P.P. Mollinga and R. Merinzen-Dick..  2008.  Water, Politics and Development: Introducing Water Alternatives.  Water Alternatives, 1 (1)   : 1-6   .
Mollinga, P.P.  2008.  Water, politics and development: Framing a political sociology of water resources managemen.  Water Alternatives, 1 (1)   : 24-47   .


Merrey, D., J. Ruth Meinzen-Dick, P.P. Mollinga and E. Karar.  2007.  Policy and Institutional Reform Processes for Sustainable Agricultural Water Management: The Art of the Possible.  In: Molden, D (eds.): Water for Food Water for Life. Earthscan, London, 5.   699-719. 
Mollinga, P.P.  2007.  Water Policy - Water Politics. Social engineering and strategic action in water sector reform.  In: W., S. Neubert and M. Kipping (eds.): Water Politics and Development Cooperation Local Power Plays and Global Governance. Springer Verlag.  

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
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Peter Mollinga

Senior Fellow

Cultural and Political Change


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