Dr. John Mburu

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Agricultural Economist


Mburu J., J. Boerner, B. Hedden-Dunkhorst, A. Mendoza-Escalante and K. Frohberg.  2007.  Feasibility of the mulching technology as an alternative to slash-and-burn farming in Eastern Amazon: A cost benefit analysis.  Renewable Agriculture and Food System, 22(2)   : 125-133   .
Mburu, J. and R. Birner.  2007.  Emergence, Adoption and Implementation of Collaborative Wildlife Management or Wildlife partnerships in Kenya: A look at Conditions for Success.  Society and Natural Resources, 20 (5)   : 379-395   .


Abebaw, D., K. Holm-Müller and J. Mburu.  2006.  Understanding the Perceived Importance of Risk for Coffee Growers: Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia.  Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 45,3   : 253-268   .
Mburu, J. and E. Wale.  2006.  Local Organizations Involved in Conserving Crop Genetic Resources in Ethiopia and Kenya: Conditions for their Emergence and Success in Ethiopia and Kenya.  Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 53 (3)   : 613-629   .
Waswa, F. and J. Mburu.  2006.  Potential of Dryland Farming in Kenya and Environmental Implications.  In: Waswa F., S. Otor and D. Mugendi (eds.): Environment and Sustainable Development: A Guide for Tertiary Education in Kenya, Volume 1. School of Environmental Studies and Human Science, Kenyatta University, Downtown Printing Works Ltd, Nairobi.   70-90 (ISBN: 9966-776-02-8). 


Irungu, C., M. Zeller and J. Mburu.  2005.  Assessing NGDOs' Targeting Performance and Characteristics of Households Participating in Child Development Programmes in Rural Eastern Kenya.  J. of Agric. and Rural Dev. in Tropics and Subtropics, 106   : 119   .
Wale, E., K. Holm-Müller, J. Mburu and M. Zeller.  2005.  Economic Analysis of Farmers' Preferences for Coffee Variety Attributes: Lessons for On-farm Conservation and Variety Adoption in Ethiopia.  Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 44   : 121-139   .


Mburu, J., R. Birner and M. Zeller.  2003.  Relative Importance and Determinants of Landowners’ Transaction Costs in Collaborative wildlife management in Kenya: An empirical analysis.  Ecological Economics, 45 (1)   : 59-73   .


Mburu, J.  2002.  Collaborative Management of Wildlife in Kenya: An Empirical Analysis of Stakeholders’ Participation, Costs and Incentives; Socio-economic Studies on Rural Development Vol. 130.  Wissenschaftsverlag Vauk Kiel KG, Kiel, Germany (ISSN 0175-2464; ISBN 3-8175-0371-5).
Mburu, J. and R. Birner.  2002.  Analysing the efficiency of collaborative wildlife management: The case of two community wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya.  International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 5 (3 & 4)   : 259-297   .


Prakash, T.N., J. Mburu, H. Chandrashekar and D. Abebaw.  Analysis of Farmers’ Willingness to Conserve Traditional Rice Varieties in the Western Ghats of South India. Outlook on Agriculture (in press).  .

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Research themes
  • Renewable energy
  • Knowledge
Research countries
  • Brazil
  • Ethiopia
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
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Leader: Natural Resource Group

Additional information

from June 2007 onwards at: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Nairobi, Kenya, phone: +254 20 422 4704, mobile +254 721 730443; email: J.Mburu@cgiar.org

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John Mburu

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Economic and Technological Change

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