Dr. Md. Fuad Hassan

Research themes
  • Economic change and vulnerability
Research countries
  • Bangladesh
Research projects

 Analysis and Implementation of Measures to Reduce Price Volatility in National and International Markets for Improved Food Security in Developing Countries

Additional Information:

A faculty member at the Department of Agricultural Statistics, Bangladesh Agricultural University.

Thesis title

Interlinkages between food price and agricultural wage and its impact on farm mechanization: Evidence from Bangladesh

Thesis abstract

In exploring the link between food price and rising rural real wages, this research examines the relations between rural wages in farming sectors and the relationship these wages share with volatile food prices and farm mechanization. Rural wages have risen in most of the developing countries, especially in Asia since the mid-2000s (Wiggins and Keats, 2014). Food prices are volatile, but in general have an upward trend in the south Asia (Jayasuriya et al., 2012). While food price inflation also induces daily laborers to bargain for higher wages. Different studies of food price and wages reveal some sort of relationship between food wage elasticity (short run and long run). Yet, still, there are some gaps in that ground, especially after the 2000s when most of the South Asian countries, including Bangladesh have experienced a new transition in food price and wages. Usually, poorer households earn a greater share of their income from agricultural wages. Again the fact that poor people may spend major percent of their income on food (FAO, 2010). So, the increase of wage in agriculture may have the significant effect on rural food security. The production cost of food also varies according to the cost involved in employing the labor from the labor market. The recent surge in rural wages may, in turn, influence farmers adopt mechanized farming for saving labor cost. But the intensity of using such labor-saving technology depends also on the credit access of the farmers as well as the rental service system of farm machinery. This study, therefore, investigates the relationship of food prices and agricultural wages as well as agricultural wages and agricultural mechanization while at the same time addressing the role of the financial sector in adoption of farm mechanization


Doctoral research funded by

DAAD, Dr. Hermann Eiselenen Doctoral Program of the Foundation fiat panis


Hassan, Md. F. and L. Kornher.  2021.  Farm Wage and Rice Price Dynamics in Bangladesh.  Food Security, . Further Information

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Md. Fuad Hassan

Junior Researcher


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ZEF B: Department of Economic and Technological Change