Samara Evangelista Gomes

Thesis title

Urban green infrastructure and human health: an assessment of ecosystem services provided at the lot-scale in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Thesis abstract

The structure and dynamics of modern cities produce a wide range of social risks and ecological impacts. Examples are increased exposure to floods, air and noise pollution, habitat loss and biodiversity reduction. Green infrastructure (GI) has the potential to address these issues through the provision of ecosystem services (ES). Traditional public spaces such as urban forests and parks form the core of GI. However, their implementation require significant amounts of land – usually a scarce resource in dense cities. In view of this restriction, smaller scale building-based and building-integrated GI components, such as vegetated backyards, green roofs, and living facades, have been gaining attention in the academic literature and making their way into urban planning policies. Nevertheless, a study of the contribution of each of them to improve urban living is yet to be conducted. In this PhD research, an assessment of the potential of lot-scale GI components to deliver health-relevant ecosystem services in selected study areas in Sao Paulo City will be performed. In a first stage, academic experts will evaluate each GI component regarding their potential to deliver provisioning, regulating and cultural ES at the district level. Subsequently, the role played by ES in the design choices of architects and landscape architects will be investigated. Finally, GI users of will be consulted on the perceived provision and importance of selected ES for wellbeing, as well as on their degree of satisfaction regarding the services received. Results are expected to support planners and designers in a mindful, context-sensitive selection of landscaping strategies.

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Junior Researcher One Health

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ZEF C: Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management