Dr. Yasobant Sandul

Research themes
  • Science Policy
  • Governance
  • Health and sanitation
  • New Technologies
  • Urbanisation
  • Innovation and science policy
  • Health
Research countries
  • India
Research projects

Fortschrittskolleg 'One Health and Urban Transformation'

Working groups

One Health & Urban Transformation


One Health

Health System

System Thinking

Professional experience


2021 to present: Technical Officer (Research)

Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

2017 to 2020: Junior Researcher (One Health Graduate School)

Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany

Global Health, Institute of Hygiene & Public Health (IHPH), Bonn, Germany

2015 to 2017: Project Coordinator

Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

2013 to 2015: Research Assistant

Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI-IIPHG), India


2017 to 2017: Teaching Assistant

Indian Institute of Public Health Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

2010 to 2011: Lecturer

Neelachal Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India 


2017 to 2020: Ph.D. in Public Health

Faculty of Medicine, University of Bonn, Germany 

2011 to 2013: Master in Public Health (MPH)

Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

2005 to 2010: Bachelor of Physiotherapist (BPT)

Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Health System & policy research, Operational research

Funding institutions

Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 

Research partners

Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar (IIPHG), India

Research affiliation

Global Health, Institute of Hygiene & Public Health (IHPH), University Hospital Bonn, Germany 

Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar (IIPHG), Gujarat, India 


Voss, J., E. Seloilwe, S. Yasobant, D. Hausner, A. Akridge, Y. Mashalla and E. Rarimo.  2021.  Gaps, Challenges, and Opportunities for Global Health Leadership Training.  Annals of Global Health, 87 (1)   : 1-14   . Further Information
Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Saxena D, Falkenberg T..  2021.  Systemic factors for enhancing intersectoral collaboration for the operationalization of One Health: a case study in India.  Health Research Policy and Systems, 19 (75)   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Yasobant S, W. Bruchhausen , D. Saxena, F. Memon and T. Falkenberg.  2021.  Who could be One Health Activist at the community level?: A case for India.  Human Resources for Health , 19 (13)   : 1-11   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Yasobant, S., P. Bhavsar, P. Kalpan, F.Z. Memon, O. Trivedi and D. Saxena.  2021.  Contributing Factors in the Tuberculosis Care Cascade in India: A Systematic Literature Review.  Healthcare Policy , 14   : 3275-3286   . Further Information


Yasobant S, Arredondo AMP, Felappi JF, Ntajal J, Paris JMG, Patel K, Savi MK, Schmiege D, Falkenberg T..  2021.  Integrating public services under One Health for the mitigation of future epidemics.  Integrated Science of Global epidemics. Springer, UK.  
Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Saxena D, Memon F, Falkenberg T..  2021.  Health System Contact and Awareness of Zoonotic Diseases: Can it Serve as One Health Entry Point in the Urban Community of Ahmedabad, India?.  Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine , 94   . (Open Access)  
Yasobant S., D. Saxena, W. Bruchhausen, F.Z. Memon and T. Falkenberg.  2019.  Multi-sectoral Prioritization of Zoonotic Diseases: One Health Perspective from Ahmedabad, India.  PLoSONE, : 1-10   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Perez A, Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Falkenberg T..  Intersectoral collaboration shaping One Health in the policy agenda: A comparative analysis of Ghana and India.  One Health , .


Schmiege D, Perez A, Ntajal J, Paris J, Savi K, Patel K, Yasobant S, Falkenberg T..  2020.  One Health in the context of coronavirus outbreaks: A systematic literature review.  One Health, 10: 100170   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Yasobant S, Patel K, Saxena D, Falkenberg T..  2020.  COVID-19 in India: Making a case for the one health surveillance system.  Indian Journal of Public Health, 64(S2)   : 135-138   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF | 363.41KB]
Further Information
Yasobant S., W. Bruchhausen and D. Saxena.  2020.  Applications of Systems Thinking for Health System Research: A One Health Perspective.  SAGE Publications Ltd.. (Open Acess) Download [PDF | 624.81KB]
Yasobant S., W. Bruchhausen, D. Saxena and T. Falkenberg.  2020.  ‘One Health’ actors in multifaceted health systems: An operational case for India.  Healthcare, 8 (4)   : E387   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF | 1.61MB]
Further Information
Yasobant, S.  2020.  Research to explore Intersectoral Collaborations for One Health Approach (RICOHA): A health system study in Ahmedabad, India.  Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Medicine, University of Bonn.  Further Information


Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Saxena D, Falkenberg T..  2019.  One health collaboration for a resilient health system in India: Learnings from global initiatives.  One Health, 8   : 1-10   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF | 2.20MB]
Further Information
Yasobant S, Saxena D..  2019.  Global Applications of One Health Practice and Care.  IGI Global. USA.


Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Saxena D, Falkenberg T..  2018.  Convergence model for effectual prevention and control of zoonotic diseases: a health system study on ‘One Health’ approach in Ahmedabad, India.  Health Research Policy and Systems, 16   : 124   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF | 822.22KB]
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Yasobant Sandul

Associated Researcher

Ecology and Natural Resources Management

s.yasobant(at)gmail.com, yasobant@uni-bonn.de

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