Mayra Alejandra Martin Espinosa

Research themes
  • Decentralization & Reforms
  • Politics & Democracy
Research countries
  • Colombia

M.A. Management in Non-Profit Organisations, University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrück-Germany (2015)

B.A. Foreign Languages, Universidad EAN, Bogotá-Colombia (2010)


Non-Profit Management

Thesis title

Growing digitalization during the COVID-19 Crisis: the case of Colombian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Thesis abstract

Colombia’s complex realities of violence and inequalities have framed the work of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). They make a difference as co-responsible actors of development, not only promoting democracy and fostering the guarantee of human rights but also acting as watchdogs over public policies and private entities. They face increasing constraints to exercise their role due to regulatory restrictions and limitations of freedoms, but also because of internal weaknesses. CSOs have responded to this scenario coming together to work jointly for the promotion of political and civil rights and to participate in political processes. Nevertheless, coronavirus crisis has exacerbated their vulnerability risking further their sustainability. This research aims at examining the dynamic, transformation and impact of on-line social movement campaigns in the light of the social media campaign under the hashtags #aKeyPieceforColombia and #AnNGOis (in Spanish #PiezaClaveparaColombia and #UnaONGes) as a joined action of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), to claim to authorities on corona crisis implication for their action. The social movement campaign was initiated by the Colombian Confederation of NGOs, TECHO Colombia, Probono and Reconciliación Foundations. Expected results are to depict the trajectory and impact of an on-line social movement campaign, provide new perspectives for the future of social mobilization in the country and the work of NGOs in a post-pandemic scenario and contribute with scientific and practical knowledge connecting the study of social movements with the incorporation of technology.

Doctoral research funded by

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


Supervisors of
doctoral work

Prof. Dr. Eva Youkhana

Advisor at ZEF

Dr. Dennis Avilés

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Junior Researcher

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ZEF A: Department of Political and Cultural Change