Prof. Dr. Thomas Dietz

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Professor of International Relations and Law with a Focus on Sustainable Development, University of Münster, Germany

Senior Fellow at STRIVE project (Sustainable Trade & InnoVation TRansfer in the bioEconomy), ZEF


Dietz, T., Auffenberg, J., Grabs, J., Chong, A.E. and B. Kilian.  2018.  The Voluntary Coffee Standard Index (VOCSI). Developing a composite index to assess and compare the strength of Mainstream Voluntary Sustainability Standards in the global coffee industry.  Ecological Economics, 150   : 72-87   .
Dietz, T., Börner, J., Förster, J.J. and J. von Braun.  2018.  Governance of the bioeconomy: A global comparative study of national bioeconomy strategies.  ZEF Discussion Paper 264, Center for Development Research (ZEF). Bonn.


Dietz, T., Chong, A.E. Gilabert, P.F. and J. Grabs.  2017.  Women’s empowerment in rural Honduran coffee communities and its determinants.  Development in Practice, 1 (28)   : 33-50   .


Grabs, J., Kilian, B., Calderón Hernández, D. and T. Dietz.  2016.  Understanding Coffee Certification Dynamics: A Spatial Analysis of Voluntary Sustainability Standard Proliferation.  International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 19 (3)   : 31-55   .

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Thomas Dietz

Senior Fellow

Economic and Technological Change