Dr. Martin Parlasca

Research themes
  • Food and nutrition
  • New Technologies
  • Markets and services
Research countries
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia
Professional experience

Since 01/2022 Senior Researcher at the Center for Development Research (ZEF)

04/2020 - 12/2021 Post-Doc at the Chair of International Food Economics and Rural Development, Göttingen University

07/2017 - 03/2020 Research Associate RTG: Transformation of Global Agri-Food Systems GlobalFood, Göttingen University

01/2017 - 06/2017 Agricultural Trainer, Arava Institute for Sustainable Development in Lobur/Lodwar, Kenya

08/2016 - 11/2016 Secondary level Teacher for Biology and Natural Phenomena, German Embassy School Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Agricultural Economics (Dr. rer. pol.) Göttingen University, Germany.

Agricultural Economics (M.Sc.) Bonn University, Germany.

Business Administration (B.Sc.) University of Cologne, Germany.


Maina, K.W., M. C. Parlasca, E. J. O. Rao, M. Qaim.  2024.  Farmer-friendly delivery of veterinary services: Experimental insights from the Kenyan dairy sector.  Journal of Agricultural Economics, . (Open Access)   Download [PDF]
Further Information


Johnen, C., M. C. Parlasca, O. Mußhoff.  2023.  Mobile money adoption in Kenya: The role of mobile money agents.  Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 191   . Further Information
Linhoff M., O. Mußhoff, M. C. Parlasca.  2023.  Insuring against droughts: addressing issues of trust, transparency and liquidity in the demand for livestock index insurance.  Climate and Development, 15 (3)   : 240-250   . Further Information
Parlasca, M.C., I. Knößlsdorfer, G. Alemayehu, R. Doyle.  2023.  How and why animal welfare concerns evolve in developing countries.  Animal frontiers, 13 (1)   : 26-33   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Parlasca, M. C., C. Johnen, M. Qaim.  2022.  Use of mobile financial services among farmers in Africa: Insights from Kenya.  Global Food Security, 32   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Parlasca, M.C. & M. Qaim.  2022.  Meat Consumption and Sustainability.  Annual Review of Resource Economics, 14   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Johnen, C., M. C. Parlasca, O. Mußhoff.  2021.  Promises and pitfalls of digital credit: Empirical evidence from Kenya.  Plos one, . (Open Access)   Further Information
Parlasca, M.C..  2021.  A vital technology: Review of the literature on mobile phone use among pastoralists.  Journal of International Development, 33 (4)   : 780-799   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Ruml, A., M. C. Parlasca.  2021.  In‐kind credit provision through contract farming and formal credit markets.  Agribusiness, . (Open Access)   Further Information


Parlasca M. C., D. Hermann, O. Mußhoff.  2020.  Can mobile phones build social trust? Insights from rural Kenya..  Journal of Rural Studies, 79   : 345-360   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Parlasca M. C., O. Mußhoff, M. Qaim.  2020.  Can mobile phones improve nutrition among pastoral communities? Panel data evidence from Northern Kenya.  Agricultural Economics, 51 (3)   : 475-488   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
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Martin Parlasca

Researcher Project Management


Economic and Technological Change


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