Prof. Dr. Ina Danquah

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Ina Danquah is a nutrition scientist who has specialized in epidemiology. Since 2019, Danquah investigates the interactions between climate change, nutrition and health. She employs the concept of Sustainable Nutrition, including the features of healthfulness, climate- and environmental friendliness, cultural acceptability, and affordability. Danquah designs, implements and evaluates adaptation strategies against climate change impacts in the Global South, as well as climate change mitigation approaches in the nutrition sector that confer health co-benefits. As a nutrition epidemiologist, Danquah characterizes the dietary behavior of populations living in sub-Saharan Africa and migrant groups in Europe. She examines relationships with obesity and cardio-metabolic health and is interested in the interactions with undernutrition and infectious diseases.

As Hertz Chair at the University of Bonn, she will establish a prospective, multi-center cohort study in sub-Saharan Africa to investigate the interactions between climate change, nutrition and health; she will also build a global network of intervention studies for the development, implementation, and evaluation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

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Ina Danquah


Nutrition and Planetary Health