Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim

Research themes
  • Biodiversity
  • Gender
  • Food and nutrition
  • Markets and services
  • Agriculture, land use, climate change
  • Innovation and science policy
  • Health
Additional Information:
Professional experience

Matin Qaim is a food systems and development economist with a doctoral degree in agricultural economics from the University of Bonn (2000). Before joining ZEF in 2021 he was Professor of International Food Economics and Rural Development at the University of Goettingen (2007-2021), Professor of International Agricultural Trade and Food Security at the University of Hohenheim (2004-2007), and postdoctoral scientist at the University of California at Berkeley (2001-2003). Qaim has research and project experience in Europe, the USA, and numerous countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Much of his research focuses on sustainable food systems, agricultural development, and the reduction of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition. He has over 250 academic publications, mostly in top disciplinary and interdisciplinary science journals, including Science, various Nature Group Journals, and PNAS. Qaim is member of the German National Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina), Fellow of the American Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA), and President-Elect of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE). He has served on different high-level expert committees, including for the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition, FAO, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), the European Commission, The Royal Society, and the German Federal Government and Parliament.

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Genscherallee 3
53113 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49(0)228-73-1861
Fax: +49(0)228-73-1869



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Qaim, M.  2001.  Potential Impacts of Crop Biotechnology in Developing Countries.  Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn.  Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M.  

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Matin Qaim

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