Dr. Daphne Gondhalekar

Research themes
  • Biodiversity
Research countries
  • China
  • India
Research projects
Health impact of water access in urban Tibet (2011-15), STRIVER (2009-10)
Working groups

Natural Resources and Socio-Economic Research Group; Water, Politics and Development; Water and Health

Additional information

Project website: www.zef.de/1838.html

Professional experience
2007-2009: Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA. 2004-2007: Research Assistant, Department of Ecosystem Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan. 2003-2004: Self-employed architect, Zurich, Switzerland. 2000-2003: Research and teaching Assistant, HABITAT Group, Department of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

2007: PhD degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Ecosystems Department, University of Tokyo, Japan. 2002: Master degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. 1999: Bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban Design, Mackintosh School of Architecture, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Funding institutions

European Commission Marie-Curie Programme (EU) and German Research Foundation (DFG)


Gondhalekar, D., S. Nussbaum, A. Akhtar and J. Kebschull.  2014.  Planning Under Uncertainty: Climate Change, Water Scarcity and Health Issues in Leh Town, Ladakh, India. Sustainable Water Use and Managemen.  Sustainable Water Use and Management, Part of the series Green Energy and Technology, : 293-312   .


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D. Gondhalekar and D. Salmeròn.  Local choices for environmental protection: the case of Sideng Village in Yunnan, China. 
D. Gondhalekar and K. Couvson-Liebe.  Choices of Alternative Water Futures: Policy implementation at the local level in China. 


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Mollinga, P.P. and D. Gondhalekar.  2012.  Theorizing Structured Diversity: An approach to comparative research on the globalisation-localisation dynamics in water resources management.  ICCWaDs Working Paper Series


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D. Gondhalekar.  2011.  Water pollution and health impact in urban Tibet.  Proceedings, 6th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) (international peer-reviewed conference), Dubrovnik, Croatia, 09/2011
D. Gondhalekar.  2011.  Future Cities Visioning for Sustainable Urban Regeneration.  Training session at International Urban Training Center, Chuncheon City, S. Korea, 12/2011.
D. Gondhalekar, R. Amirtahmasebi, F. Contreras, P. Cherickel, T. Gadda, Y. Hara, R. Moreira and S. Raja.  2011.  How to make your city “greener” using urban design.  Poster presentation, United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-HABITAT Governing Council Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya, 04/2011


D. Gondhalekar, R. Amirtahmasebi, F. Contreras, P. Cherickel, T. Gadda, and R. Moreira.  2010.  How to “green” large-scale urban design projects.  Training session, UN- HABITAT World Urban Forum V, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 03/2010
R. Agster, D. Gondhalekar, J. Lee and M. Zürker.  2010.  Energy efficiency in buildings.  Adelphi training workshop in India
Y. Hara, D. Gondhalekar and K. Takeuchi.  2010.  Urban land expansion and farmland diversification in the suburban 4 counties of Tianjin City, China.  Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture (in Japanese)


Doraiswamy, R., P.P. Mollinga, and D. Gondhalekar.  2009.  Willingness to pay – unwillingness to be paid; The politics of water pricing in canal irrigation in Andhra Pradesh, India.  STRIVER Project Policy Brief Series, Policy Brief No. 18
Doraiswamy, R., P.P. Mollinga, and D. Gondhalekar.  2009.  Participatory training in canal irrigation in Andhra Pradesh: The JalaSpandana Experience.  STRIVER Project Policy Brief Series, Policy Brief No. 17
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D. Frenchman, C. Zegras, D. Gondhalekar and J. Yang.  2008.  Research Proposal: Making Clean Energy City, China. 


D. Gondhalekar, Y. Hara and K. Takeuchi.  2007.  Urban land expansion and cultivated land loss in the Beijing Tianjin region, China.  Proceedings of International Conference on City Planning, City Planning Institute of Japan, August 2007, Yokohama
D. Gondhalekar, Y. Hara and K. Takeuchi.  2007.  Towards urban-rural sustainability: Land diversification in Tianjin, China.  In: M. Keiner (eds.): Sustainable Urban Development in China – Wishful Thinking or Reality?. Monsenstein & Vannerdat.  


D. Gondhalekar and F. Contreras.  2005.  Development of a holistic approach to case studies on cities.  Poster presentation, proceedings of Alliance for Global Sustainability AGS Annual Meeting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


S.E.I. Bannaga, H.E. Kramel and D. Gondhalekar.  2004.  The homeless masses at home: Identifying and tackling the problems and issues of internal displacement in the Igad region, Sudan.  HABITAT Group, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Mollinga, P.P. and D. Gondhalekar.  Finding structure in diversity: Comparative method for water resources management research..  Water Alternatives, .

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
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Daphne Gondhalekar

Associated Researcher

Cultural and Political Change


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