Dr. Tigabu Degu Getahun

Research themes
  • Innovation and science policy
Research countries
  • Ethiopia
Research projects

Program of Accompanying Research For Agricultural Innovation

Impact of the Agricultural Growth Program in Ethiopia

Working groups

Program of Accompanying Research for Agricultural Innovation(PARI) team.


Microeconomics I & II, Econometrics

Supervision of
completed doctoral theses

Professor Joachim Von Braun

Professional experience

Research and Teaching


Doctoral degree in economics, University of Bonn M.SC in economics, University of Copenhagen B.A in economics , Addis Ababa university


Interdisciplinary Researcher, Expertise on Impact Evaluation , Firm dynamics, household well being

Funding institutions






Research affiliation

University of Bonn ,Center for Development Research(ZEF)

Ethiopian Development Research Institute


Getahun, T.D. and E. Villanger.  2018.  Active Private Sector Development Policies Revisited: Impacts of the Ethiopian Industrial Cluster Policy.  The Journal of Development Studies, DOI, 10.1080/00220388.2018.1443211   . Further Information
Girum Abebe, Tigabu Degu, and Gebrehiwot Ageba.  2018.  What drives productivity change in the manufacturing sector? Evidence from the metalworking industry in Ethiopia. EDRI Working Paper 20. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Development Research Institute.  EDRI Working Paper , 20   . Further Information
Tigabu Getahun, Heike Baumüller, and Yalemzewd Nigussie.  2018.  From agricultural to economic growth: Targeting investments across Africa.  ZEF – Discussion Papers on Development Policy , 252   . Further Information


Tigabu D. Getahun and Espen Villanger.  2017.  Labour-Intensive Jobs for Women and Development: Intra-household Welfare Effects and Its Transmission Channels.  The Journal of Development Studies, Http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00220388.2017.1327661   . Further Information


Tigabu D. Getahun.  2016.  The Effect of Industrial Cluster Policy on Firm Performance in Ethiopia: Evidence from the Leather Footwear Cluster.  Further Information


Tigabu D. Getahun.  2016.  A study on Industrial Relation and Working Condition.  In: Tigabu D. Getahun, Girum Abebe, Dr Mi Zhou and Dorien Braam Gebrehiwot Ageba , (eds.): Improving industrial relations for decent work and sustainable development of the textile and garment industry in Ethiopia. International Labor organization.   Further Information


Getahun, T.G.  2015.  Interdustrial clustering, firm performance and emploiyee welfare: Evidence from Ethiopia Shoe and Flower Cluster.  Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn.  Further Information
Tigabu Degu Getahun & Espen Villanger.  2015.  ): Labor-intensive jobs for women and development: Intra-household welfare effects and its transmission channels.  CMI working paper , 51   . Further Information

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
and Downloads

Tigabu Degu Getahun

Senior Researcher

+49-228-73- 1884

Economic and Technological Change

tigyget14(at)gmail.com, tigabu@uni-bonn.de, tigyget@yahoo.com

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