Dr. Daanish Mustafa

Research countries
  • Pakistan


D. Mustafa.  2013.  Water Resources Management in a Vulnerable World: The Hydro-hazardscapes of Climate Change.  I. B. Tauris. London.


Mustafa, D. and D. Wrathall.  2011.  Indus basin floods of 2010: souring of a faustian bargain..  Water Alternatives, 4(1)   : 72-85   .


Mustafa, D. and K. Brown.  2010.  Geographies of performative politics and terror in Pakistan. Eurasian Geography and Politics.  Water Alternatives, 51(4)   : 496-512   .
Mustafa, D., S. Ahmed, E. Saroch and H. Bell.  2010.  Pinning down vulnerability: from narratives to numbers..  Disasters, 35(1)   : 62-86   .
Mustafa, D., T. Smucker, F. Ginn, R. Johns and, S. Connelly.  2010.  Xeriscape people and the cultural politics of turf grass transformation.  Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 28(3)   : 600-617   .


Mustafa D. and P. Reeder.  2009.  People is all that is left to privatize”: Water supply privatization, vulnerability and social justice in Belize City, Belize.  International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 32(3)   : 789-808   .


D. Mustafa.  2007.  Social Construction of Hydropolitics: The Geographical Scales of Water and Security in the Indus River Basin.  Geographical Review, 94(4)   : 484-502   .
D. Mustafa and U. Qazi.  2007.  Transition from Karez to Tubewell Irrigation: Development, Modernization and Social Capital in Balochistan, Pakistan.  World Development, 35(10)   : 1796-1813   .


Mustafa, D..  2005.  (Anti)social capital in the production of an (un)civil society in Pakistan. Geographical Review.  Geographical Review, 95(3)   : 328-347   .
Mustafa, D..  2005.  The production of an urban hazardscape in Pakistan: modernity, vulnerability and the range of choice..  Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 95(3)   : 566-586   .
Mustafa, D..  2005.  The terrible geographicalness of terrorism: reflections of a hazards geographer. Antipode.  Antipode, 37(1)   : 72-92   .

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Associated Researcher

Cultural and Political Change


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