Sarah Verleysdonk

Research themes
  • Water resources (management)
  • Land use and food security
  • Environmental and climate change
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Agriculture, land use, climate change
Research countries
  • Benin
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Togo
Working groups

Current projects:

Cooperation project WASCAL-PAUWES for capacity building

Concluded projects:

Cooperation Water-Energy with PAUWES-TEF-UNU-ITT / Phase 2

WASCAL - West African Science Ser


Parkoo, E.N.; Thiam, S.; Adjonou, K.; Kokou, K.; Verleysdonk, S.; Adounkpe, J.G.; Villamor, G.B..  2022.  Comparing Expert and Local Community Perspectives on Flood Management in the Lower Mono River Catchment, Togo and Benin.  Water, 14   : 1536   . (Open Access)   Further Information
Thiam, S.; Salas, E.A.L.; Hounguè, N.R.; Almoradie, A.D.S.; Verleysdonk, S.; Adounkpe, J.G.  2022.  Modelling Land Use and Land Cover in the Transboundary Mono River Catchment of Togo and Benin Using Markov Chain and Stakeholder’s Perspectives.  Sustainability, 14   : 4160   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Schulz, D., Yin, H., Tischbein, B., Verleysdonk, S., Adamou, R., Kumar, N.  2021.  Land use mapping using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series in a heterogeneous landscape in Niger, Sahel.  ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 178   : 97-111   . (Open Access)   Further Information

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Sarah Verleysdonk

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