Su Mon San

Research themes
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
Research countries
  • Burma/ Myanmar

Forest Management

Thesis title

Assessment on forest governance in Reserved Forests in order to support the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of Myanmar submitted to UNFCCC

Thesis abstract

Agricultural expansion is considered as one of the major reasons of deforestation, especially in developing countries. In Myanmar, according to the resettlement plan (2013) agricultural areas in the Permanent Forest Estates are planned to establish agroforestry practices in the expanded farms. The main objective of the study is to provide recommendations on how the management of agricultural areas in the Permanent Forest Estate should be improved in order to ensure all vital forest ecosystem services including provisioning services which are important for the food security of the local farmers and at the same time for the forest sustainability. The study includes analyzing how the agricultural expansion occurs in response to the policy, how the established agro-forestry areas provide different services or contributions to the farmers and their perception on the importance of different ecosystem services from the established agroforestry areas. The results of the research intends to support long term food security by providing recommendations on how different vital forest ecosystem services should be considered and integrated in selecting the proper design and species for establishing agroforestry practices in the farm.


San, S.M., Y.O. Adam, J. Pretzsch.  2021.  A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Two Community Forests Managed under Different Governance Structures in the Dry Zone Area of Myanmar.  International Forestry Review, 23 (1)   : 90-104   . Further Information

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Junior Researcher

Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use


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