Subash Surendran Padmaja

Research themes
  • Agriculture, land use, climate change
Research countries
  • India

Agricultural policy analysis, impact assessment, rural development, behavioral sciences, institutional economics

Thesis title

Adoption, Economic and Environmental Impacht of Laser Assisted Precision Leveller in Indo- Gangetic Plains


Surendran Padmaja, S., Khed, V. D., and Krishna, V. V..  2023.  What would others say? Exploring gendered and caste-based social norms in Central India through vignettes.  Women Studies International Forum, 102692   . Further Information
Surendran Padmaja, S., Korekallu Srinivasa, A., Trivedi, P., & Srinivas, K..  2023.  Women Self-Help Groups and intra-household Decision-making in Agriculture.  Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, : 1-20   . (Open Access)   Further Information


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Sam, A.S., Abbas, A., Surendran Padmaja, S., Sathyan, A.R., Vijayan, D., Kächele, H., Kumar, R., Müller, K..  2021.  Flood vulnerability and food security in eastern India: A threat to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 66   : 102589   . Further Information
Sreeram V., Gupta, J., Surendran Padmaja, S., and Suraj Shyam, S. R..  2021.  Shades of institutional change: the case of Nature Fresh dairy development project.  The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, Online   : 3-20   . Further Information


Gupta, M., Gerard, M., Surendran Padmaja, S., and Kalpana Sastry, R..  2020.  Trends of CRISPR technology development and deployment into agricultural production-consumption systems.  World Patent Information, 60   : 101944   . Further Information
Sam, A.S., Surendran Padmaja, S., Kächele, H., Kumar, R., and Müller, K.  2020.  Climate change, drought and rural communities: Understanding people’s perceptions and adaptations in rural eastern India.  International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 44(1)   : 101436   . Further Information


Sam, A.S., Abbas, A., Surendran Padmaja.S., Kächele, H., Kumar, R., and Müller, K..  2019.  Linking food security with household’s adaptive capacity and drought risk: Implications for sustainable rural development..  Social Indicators Research, 142(1)   : 363-385   . Further Information
Sreeram, V., Gupta, J., and Surendran Padmaja, S..  2019.  Diversity, complexity, and structure of social networks: Study of a smallholder dairy project.  Outlook in Agriculture, : 1-11   . Further Information
Surendran Padmaja, S and Ali, J.  2019.  Correlates of agrarian indebtedness in rural India.  Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 9(2)   : 125-138   .

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Subash Surendran Padmaja

Junior Researcher

Economic and Technological Change