Dr. Thanh Tung Nguyen

Research themes
  • Land use and food security
  • Health and sanitation
  • Growth, inequality and poverty
  • Economic change and vulnerability
  • Food and nutrition
  • Agriculture, land use, climate change
Research countries
  • Laos
  • Malawi
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Nigeria
  • Cambodia
  • Niger


Nguyen, T-T., Nguyen, T. T., & Grote, U.  2023.  Internet use and agricultural productivity in rural Vietnam.  Review of Development Economics, : 1-18   . Further Information
Nguyen, T-T., Nguyen, T. T., & Grote, U.  2023.  Credit, Shocks, and Production Efficiency of Rice Farmers in Vietnam.  Economic Analysis and Policy, : 77, 780-791   . Further Information


Nguyen, T-T., Nguyen, T. T., Do, M. H., Nguyen, D. L., & Grote, U.  2022.  Shocks, agricultural productivity, and natural resource extraction in rural Southeast Asia.  World Development, 159, 106043   . Further Information
Nguyen, T. T., Nguyen, T-T & Grote, U.  2022.  Internet Use, Natural Resource Extraction and Poverty Reduction in Rural Thailand.  Ecological Economics, 196, 107417   . Further Information


Nguyen, T. T., Tran, V. T., Nguyen, T-T., & Grote, U.  2021.  Farming efficiency, cropland rental market and income effect: evidence from panel data for rural Central Vietnam.  European Review of Agricultural Economics, 48 (1), 207-248   . Further Information


Nguyen, T-T., Nguyen, T. T., & Grote, U.  2020.  Credit and ethnic consumption inequality in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.  Social Indicators Research, 148(1), 143-172   . Further Information
Nguyen, T. T., Nguyen, T-T., Le, V. H., Managi, S., & Grote, U..  2020.  Reported weather shocks and rural household welfare: Evidence from panel data in Northeast Thailand and Central Vietnam.  Weather and Climate Extremes, 30, 100286   . Further Information
Nguyen. T-T, Nguyen, T.T, Grote. U.  2020.  Multiple shocks and households' choice of coping strategies in rural Cambodia.  Ecological Economics, 167, 106442   . Further Information


Nguyen, T. T., Nguyen, T-T., Hoang, V. N., Wilson, C., & Managi, S.  2019.  Energy transition, poverty and inequality in Vietnam.  Energy Policy, 132, 536-548   . Further Information


Sharma, R., Nguyen, T-T., Grote, U., & Nguyen, T. T.  2016.  Changing livelihoods in rural Cambodia: Evidence from panel household data in Stung Treng. ZEF Working Paper 149.  Further Information

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
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Thanh Tung Nguyen

Senior Researcher


Economic and Technological Change


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