Tamegon Hospice Tossou

Research themes
  • Biodiversity
  • Food and nutrition
  • Agriculture, land use, climate change
Research countries
  • Benin
Research projects

The Fall Army Worm (FAW) is a moth that attacks maize crops in Benin and Africa. This moth causes yield loss between 49 to 100%. The larvae make windows on the maize leaves and bore into maize cobs, making the maize unfit for human consumption or sale. The impact of FAW on food security among maize farmers in Benin is significant, as the pest can lead to decreased yields, reduced income, and increased food insecurity of the population of which more than 65% depend on agricultural income.

This proposal seeks to work together with farmers to develop and promote more sustainable and integrated pest management strategies to control FAW and reduce its impact on food security in Benin. The research will investigate the perception and knowledge of farmers on FAW, evaluate the abilities of different maize variety to produce toxicity in larval populations of FAW after inoculation of fungus entomopathogen (Beauveria bassiana) into maize plants and finally evaluate the effects of volatiles produced by these fungus-infested plants on the food preference of FAW and its parasitic wasp Telenomus remus.

I will employ a mixed method: (I) Field survey in which I will conduct focus group discussions and interviews to understand the local knowledge and management practices of farmers at the farm level and possible impacts of their habits on beneficial species like birds, bats and parasitic wasps. (II) in the laboratory, the entomopathogenic fungus B. bassiana will be allowed to endophytically colonize maize plants and evaluated for its toxicity on the early larval stages. The endophytically colonized maize will be further assessed for its ability to produce info-chemicals (volatile cues) that mediate the food preference behavior of FAW and its parasitic wasp Telenomus remus.

Tutorship of doctoral candidates

Dr. Jan Henning Sommer

Supervision of
ongoing doctoral theses

Principal Supervisor: Prof. Christian Borgemeister

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Manuele TAMÓ

Professional experience

Plant protection, Chemical ecology and plant breeding


MPHIL in Entomology


Pest management, Chemical ecology, Breeding

Funding institutions

The Foundation Fiat Panis

The German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)-CGIAR

Research partners

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)-CGIAR

Thesis title

Endophytic Beauveria bassiana for the control of Fall Army Worm (FAW) in Benin

Doctoral research funded by

The German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD

Supervisors of
doctoral work

Principal Supervisor: Prof. Christian Borgemeister

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Manuele TAMÓ

Advisor at ZEF

Dr. Jan Henning Sommer


Aigbedion-Atalor PO, Idemudia I, Adom M, Forchibe EE, Tossou H, Wilson DD.  2021.  Marching across and beyond West Africa: First record of the stem-galling fly Cecidochares connexa (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Central Africa and the implications for biological control of Chromolaena odorata (Asteraceae)..  PLoS ONE , . (Open Access)  
Symphorien Agbahoungba, Benjamin Datinon, Maxwell Billah, Hospice Tamegnon Tossou, Eric Etchikinto Agoyi, Akovognon Dieudonne Kpoviessi, Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo, Brice Sinsin..  2021.  Flower bud thrips (Megalurothrips sjostedti Trybom) population diversity and sources of resistance among Benin cowpea germplasm.  Journal of Applied Biology, . (Open Access)  
Tossou, T..  2021.  IDENTIFICATION OF RESISTANCE CULTIVARS OF COWPEA [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] TO FLOWER THRIPS (Megalurothrips sjostedti Trybom) AMONG BENIN GERMPLASM.  Further Information


Oludare A, Tossou TH, Kini K, Silue D..  2016.  Diversity of Rice yellow mottle virus in Benin and Togo and Screening for Resistant Accessions.  Journal of Phytopathology , . (Open Access)  

Additionals, Curriculum Vitae
and Downloads

cv-Hospice.pdf [PDF | 240.68KB]

Junior Researcher

Ecology and Natural Resources Management


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