Prof. Dr. Franz W. Gatzweiler

Research themes
  • Knowledge
  • Innovation and science policy
Research countries
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Malaysia
Research projects
Research project with Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania: "The role of institutions for forest resource and livelihood management in East African forest landscapes" Research project with FAO in Tanzania and Kenya: GIAHS
Working groups


Complex Systems

Additional Information:

Executive Director


Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment: a Systems Analysis Approach

Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1799 Jimei Rd., Xiamen 361021, China

Funding institutions

VW Foundation, FAO, BMBF, BfN, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Gatzweiler F., B. Fu, C. Rozenblat, H.-J. J. Su, I. Luginaah, J. Corburn, J.I. Boufford, J. Vela Valdes, B. Nguendo-Yongsi, P. Howden-Chapman, R.B. Singh, R. Cooper, T. Oni and Y.-G. Zhu.  2020.  COVID-19 reveals the systemic nature of urban health globally.  Cities & Health, DOI: 10.1080/23748834.2020.1763761   .


Elmqvist, T. F. Gatzweiler, E. Lindgren and J. Liu.  2019.  Resilience Management for Healthy Cities in a Changing Climate.  In: M.R. Marselle, J. Stadler, H. Korn, K.N. Irvine and A. Bonn (eds.): Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change. Springer.   411-424.  (Open Acess)  Further Information


Malek, M.A., F.W. Gatzweiler and J. von Braun.  2017.  Identifying technology innovations for marginalized smallholders-A conceptual approach.  Technology in Society, 49   : 48-56   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Franz W. Gatzweiler.  2014.  Value, institutional complementarity and variety in coupled socio-ecological systems.  Ecosystem Services, . (Open Access)   Further Information
Gatzweiler, F.W..  2014.  Reframing the value of nature: biological value and institutional homeostasis.  Environmental Values, 23   : 275-296   .
von Braun J. and F.W. Gatzweiler.  2014.  Marginality-Addressing the nexus of Poverty, exclusion and ecology.  Springer. Further Information


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Gatzweiler, F.  2008.  Beyond Economic Efficiency in Biodiversity Conservation.  Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, 20   : 217-240   .
Gatzweiler, F.  2008.  Institutionalising Biodiversity Conservation: The Case of Ethiopian Coffee Forests.  Current Conservation, Issue 1.1   . Download [PDF | 168.92KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 168.92KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 168.92KB]
Further Information


Gatzweiler, F.  2007.  Deforestation of Ethiopia’s Afromontane forests. Reasons for concern..  ZEF Policy Brief Nr. 7 Further Information
Robinson D.T., D. G. Brown, D. Parker, P. Schreinemachers, M.. Janssen, Marco Huigen, H. Wittmer, N. Gotts, P. Promburom, E. Irwin, T. Berger, F. Gatzweiler & C. Barnaud.  2007.  Comparison of empirical methods for building agent-based models in land use science.  Journal of Land Use Science, 2 (1)   : 31-55   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Gatzweiler, F.W.  2006.  Organising a Public Ecosystem Service Economy.  Ecological Economics, 59(3)   : 296-304   . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Hein, L. and F. Gatzweiler.  2006.  The Economic Value of Coffee (Coffea arabica) Genetic Resources.  Ecological Economics, 60(1)   : 176-185   . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Vlek, P.L.G. and F.W. Gatzweiler.  2006.  Can we walk the "Middle Path" in coping with global environmental change? Paper submitted for the conference on Ecology and Buddhism in the Knowledge-based Society, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea, May 25-27, 2006.  Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]


Gatzweiler, F.  2005.  Central and Eastern European Agriculture and Environment: The Challenge of Governance at Multiple Levels.  Sociologia Ruralis, 45 (3)   . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Gatzweiler, F.W.  2005.  Institutionalising Biodiversity Conservation - The Case of Ethiopian Coffee Forests.  Conservation and Society, 3 (1)   : 201-223   . Download [PDF | 806.79KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 806.79KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 806.79KB]


Gatzweiler, F.  2003.  The Changing Nature of Economic Value. Indigenous Forest Garden Values in Kalimantan, Indonesia.  Shaker. Aachen.
Gatzweiler, F.W.  2003.  Institutions for Sustainable Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe. Chapter 13.  In: Brouwer, F (eds.): Sustaining Agriculture and the Rural Economy: Governance, Policy and Multifunctionality. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.   247-265.  Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Further Information


Gatzweiler, F. and K. Hagedorn (eds.).  2002.  Institutional Change in Central and Eastern European Agriculture and Environment, Volumes 1-4. CEESA/FAO Series.  FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Rome. Download [PDF | 355.12KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 355.12KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 355.12KB]
Further Information
Gatzweiler, F.W. and K. Hagedorn.  2002.  The Evolution of Institutions in Transition.  International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, 2 (1)   : 37-58   . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Gatzweiler, F.W., R. Judis and K. Hagedorn (eds.).  2002.  Sustainable Agriculture in Central and Eastern European Countries. The Environmental Effects of Transition and Needs for Change.  In: Beckmann, V. and K. Hagedorn (eds.): Institutional Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Vol. 10. Shaker Verlag. Aachen.   Download [PDF | 91.54KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 91.54KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 91.54KB]
Further Information


Gatzweiler, F.  2001.  The Changing Nature of Economic Value. Indigenous Forest Gatden Values in Kalimentan, Indonesia.  In: Beckmann, V. and K. Hagedorn (eds.): Institutional Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Vol. 16. Shaker Verlag. Aachen.   Download [PDF | 72.65KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 72.65KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 72.65KB]
Further Information

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Franz W. Gatzweiler

Senior Fellow

Economic and Technological Change


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