Dr. Faisal Abbas

Research themes
  • Health and sanitation
  • Growth, inequality and poverty
  • Gender
  • Food and nutrition
  • Macroeconomic Issues
  • Migration, mobility and urbanization
  • Health
Research countries
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Pakistan
Working groups


Food and Nutrition

Additional Information:

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Fellow 

Professional experience

Carloschmidt Fellowship for six month working in World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters at Geneva, Switzerland.



PhD Development Economics, Center for Development Economics (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany. 





Development Economics


Abbas, F. ; V. Salman.  2023.  Women’s Attitudes Toward Intimate Partner Violence in Sindh, Pakistan: An Analysis of Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey.  Journal of Family Issues , : 1-23   . Further Information
Cheema, A. R. ; N.Rafique and F. Abbas.  2023.  Migration Governance in Pakistan: Institutional Challenges and Data Gaps.  International Migration Review , : 1-13   . (Open Access)   Further Information


Abbas, F.  2010.  Pakistan: why the reforms need work.  Nature, 467   : 1047   .
Abbas, F.  2010.  Public Health Sector Expenditures, Health Status and their Role in Development of Pakistan.  Doctoral Thesis at  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn.  Further Information


Faisal Abbas.  2007.  Health care spending and economic development in Pakistan: a time series analysis. Paper presented in “Macroeconometric Workshop” held in DIW Berlin from 7 to 8th December, 2007.. 


Mushtaq, K, Faisal, A and Abedullah.  2006.  Testing the law of one price: Cotton market integration in. 
Mushtaq, K, Faisal, A, Abedullah and Ghafoor, A..  2006.  Testing the law of one price: Rice market integration in Pakistan’s Punjab, Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol.43 No.3-4..  Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 43 (3-4)   .


Abbas, F. and K. Mushtaq.  2005.  Wheat market integration in Pakistan: Implication for Agricultural Development and Poverty Reduction.  Proceedings International Conference “Environmentally Sustainable Development”, June 26-28, Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Abbas, F. and M.N. Sarwar.  2005.  Raising Crop Yields from Conservation Technology.  Economic and Business Review Daily Dawn, January 24, Lahore..
Abbas, F., A. Saboor, N. Sarwar and A. Maqbool.  2005.  Socio- Economic Dimensions of Rural Poverty: An Experience of Barani Areas in Punjab- Pakistan.  J. Agri. Soc. Sci., 2 (1)   : 138-143   .
Abbas, F., M.N. Sarwar and S. Hussain.  2005.  Microfinance Route to Income Generation and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from District Faisalabad, Pakistan.  Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences, 1 (2)   : 144-147   .


Abbas, F., and U. Hiemenz.  What determinants Public health expenditures in Pakistan? Role of income, urbanization and unemployment.  Economic Change and Restructuring, .

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Faisal Abbas

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