Dr. Katja Mielke

Research countries
  • Afghanistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Pakistan
  • Tajikistan
Research projects
Crossroads Asia - Conflict, Migration, Development: Post-doc Work package "Sub-urban movements: Social inequality and dynamics of micro-mobilization" - Lahore, Kabul, Karachi (since 2011, BMBF) German-Pakistani Research Collaboration & Academic Capacity Building Programme (2011-2013, AA/ DAAD) Local Governance and Statehood in the Amu Darya Borderlands (2005-2011, Volkswagen Stiftung) Oral history project on Russians (...) in former Soviet Central Asia: Peredoviki - work is life (ongoing, own funds)

@ ZEF: ZEFa disciplinary PhD-courses: Urbanization and Development (2013/14, 2014/15), Social Theory: Foundations and Directions (2013/14, 2014/15), Interviewing (2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15), Security training (2006/07)

@ GC University Lahore: Spring School 'Introduction to Qualitative Research' (2012, 2013)

@ Deutsche Welle, Bonn: Introduction to Development Theories. Development-Conflict-Media (2011/12)

@ InWEnt Training Center for International Cooperation, Bad Honnef: Landeskunde Afghanistan (2010)

@ ISSER, University of Ghana, Accra: Module on 'Governance and Development' (2010)

@ Bonn Uni (jointly with ZEFa colleagues):

SS 2013: Urbanization and Development (Dept of Political Science and Sociology)

SS 2011: Zivilgesellschaft und Entwicklung (Dept of Political Science and Sociology)

SS 2010: Die islamische Republik Pakistan - Ansprüche und Realitäten eines Landes (Dept of Oriental Studies)

SS 2010: Governance, Recht und Entwicklung: From Global Discourses to Local Practices (Dept of Political Science and Sociology)

@ Kabul Uni (NCPR): Introduction to Social Science Research & Methods (2006)

@ MGIMO(U) Moscow: Tutorial 'European Security', Tutorial 'European Integration' (SS 2005)

@ Humboldt Uni Berlin: Tutorial 'Methodological Approaches by and to Area Studies' (WS 2003/04, SS 2004)

Additional Information:
Tutorship of doctoral candidates

Rabia Chaudhry: Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan (2014-ongoing)

Wan Teng Lai: We Come. We Work. We Relate: The Migrant Laborers in Penang, Malaysia (Sept 2014-ongoing)

Homa Maddah: Women Household Heads in Iran: A Discursive Analysis (2013-ongoing)

Helena Cermeño Mediavilla: Access to the city: a comparative research of urban assemblages and resulting processes of social inclusion and exclusion in Amritsar and Lahore (2013-ongoing)

Arda Bilgen: Mind the GAP: A Discursive Analysis of Turkish State’s Practices Within Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Through the Lens of Depoliticization (2012-ongoing)

Rapti Siriwardane-de Zoysa: Sambandam: Cooperation, Contestation and Coastal Life-worlds in Postwar Sri Lanka (2011-15, completed)

Khushbakht Hojiev: Conflicts in Fergana Valley. Identity and social dynamics along Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan borders (2011-ongoing)


PhD in Development Research, University of Bonn

Magistra Artium (MA) in (interdisciplinary) East European Studies (major with focus on sociology and polisci), Political Science, Central Asian Studies (minors) from Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin/ Germany


email: kmielke[at]uni-bonn.de


Mielke, K.  2014.  Social Order as a Boundary Concept: Unveiling Dichotomies and Conceptualizing Politics.  Asien – The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, 132   : 35-52   .
Mielke, K. and A.-K. Hornidge.  2014.  Crossroads Studies: From Spatial Containers to Interactions in Differentiated Spatialities. 'Area Studies'-Discussion Paper of the Research Network Crossroads Asia.  Crossroads Asia Working Paper, 15   . Further Information


Mielke, K.  2013.  Constructing the Image of a State. Local Realities and International Intervention.  In: Schetter, C. (eds.): Local Politics in Afghanistan. A Century of Intervention in Social Order. London/New York: Hurst/Columbia University Press.   245-263. 
Mielke, K. and C. Schetter.  2013.  Pakistan. Land der Extreme. Geschichte-Politik-Kultur.  C.H.Beck. München. Further Information
Wilde, A. and K. Mielke.  2013.  Order, Stability, and Change in Afghanistan. From Top-Down to Bottom-Up State-Making.  Central Asian Survey, Special Issue: The Afghan Conundrum. Intervention, Statebuilding and Resistance, 32.3   : 353-370. DOI: 10.1080/02634937.2013.843309   .


Mielke, K.  2012.  (Re-)Constructing Afghanistan? Rewriting Rural Afghans' Lebenswelten into Recent Development and State-making Processes. An Analysis of Local Governance and Social Order.  Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Arts, University of Bonn. 

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Associated Researcher

Cultural and Political Change

kmielke(at)uni-bonn.de; katja.mielke@bicc.de

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