"Land use spillover and leakage effects: Towards integrating concepts, empirical methods, and models", November 9-10, 2017, at the Robert Bosch Foundation, Berlin

Workshop organized in collaboration between ZEF, UCL (Université catholique de Louvain), the SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) and SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute).

The goal of the workshop was to bring together researchers working in areas of Land Use / Land Cover Change to discuss leakage and spillovers effects and:

  • Identify how Leakage and spillover mechanisms occur across scale
  • Identify the relationship between Leakage and supply-chains interventions
  • Understand spillovers between large-scale companies and smallholders
  • Identify susceptibility of regions, commodities, and interventions to be source or sink of leakage
  • Identify Gaps in research - determine different types and characteristics of leakage or spillovers

Please find the program of the workshop here.

You can watch the presentations on ZEF's youtube channel and download the presentations.

Day 1

Thomas Hertel (Purdue University):
Economic Perspectives on Land Use and Leakage Effects of Agricultural Technology, Climate impacts and Mitigation Policies

Florian Schierhorn (IAMO):
Restructuring of the former Soviet Union's food system strongly curbed global GhG emissions between 1991 and 2011

Nelson B. Villoria (Kansas State University):
Technology Spillovers and Land Use Change: Empirical Evidence from Global Agriculture

Johannes Többen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology):
Land-use and biodiversity footprints of palm oil embodied in final product consumption

Florence Pendrill (Chalmers University of Technology):
Deforestation and associated carbon emissions embodied in trade of agricultural and forestry commodities: a pan-tropical analysis

Eric Lambin (Stanford University):
Land use in a flat world: Leakage from territorial and supply chain interventions

Yann le Polain (McGill University):
The restructuring of South American soy and beef production and trade under changing environmental regulations

Robert Heilmayr (UC Santa Barbara):
Emperical measurements of spillovers from an ecocertification program

Kimberly Carlson (University of Hawaii):
Modeling leakage from zero-deforestation commitments in the South American soybean sector

Jan Börner (University of Bonn):
Bioeconomy spillovers with imperfect environmental policy enforcement

Day 2

Susanna Hecht (UC Los Angeles):
Icons and Institutions: Symbols state and scale in questions of leakage, spillovers and the utopia of soy

Tobias Kümmerle (Humboldt University Berlin):
Deforestation, carbon emissions, and land-use displacement in the Chaco

Eugenio Arima (University of Texas):
Agricultural Intensification and the Spatial Economy: Implications for Extensive Frontiers in Brazil

Alexander Pfaff (Duke University):
Protected Areas’, Local Deforestation Spillovers and Multiple Underlying Mechanisms



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