Emerging development policy issues

Emerging development policy issues and implications for development research was the overall topic that three experts' panels discussed at ZEF on Thursday, September 27. Among the panelists were members of ZEF's International Advisory Board such as Hans van Ginkel, Lisa Sennerby Forsse, and Carolina Vera.

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Film screenings @ ZEF: Double feature on gold

This week's "Alternative Wednesday" will remind us of the consequences of the ever increasing demand in gold. The double feature screening of two short documentaries by Aljazeera will be shown on Wednesday, October 10.



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Conference on knowledge systems in post-Soviet societies

ZEF will host an international academic conference on “Agricultural knowledge and knowledge systems in post-Soviet societies” on September 12 – 13, 2013. International experts will meet to discuss issues such as cultures of knowledge production and sharing.

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Crossroads Asia conference on "Figurations of Mobility"

The first major Crossroads Asia conference on "Figurations of Mobility" will be held from November 22-24, 2012 in Berlin. This conference aims to provide a forum to discuss approaches of figurational sociology with the objective to re-conceptualize Area Studies. Theoretical advantages and shortcomings will be related to concepts such as networks or translocality and empirical case studies.

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Water grabbing - panel discussion at ZEF

Around 60 visitors attended the "Water Lecture" held at ZEF on Wednesday, November 21. Waltina Scheumann and Michael Brüntrup (DIE) and Franziska Hollmann (DEG) presented aspects of research and work related to "water grabbing".

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ZEF Public lectures

Access to drinking water and sanitation in fast-growing economies

This workshop at ZEF continued the research efforts on urban climate change adaptation within the International Consortium for Comparative Water and Development Studies (ICCWaDS), in which ZEF has been collaborating with SOAS in London and the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, since 2011.

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Please note:
ZEF is an interdisciplinary research institute with a focus on research in, with, and for the Global South. In our public lectures series, external invited speakers talk about their work and express their own opinions, ideas and views which do not necessarily constitute ZEF’s official position.