Bonn Water Network Event on Poor integrity undermines the achievement of the SDGs

January 18, 2022 | 13:00 h - 14:30 h

The Bonn Water Network ( cordially invites you to its webinar “Corruption in the water sector: how integrity management contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”

Register here: dUVudzFlWHMvKzJsY3orZz09

Corruption hampers the achievement of SDG 6 for ensuring water and sanitation for all. In fact, corruption is estimated to be responsible for “losses” of 10% of the investments going into the capital intensive water sector and in some countries reaching as high as 40% to 50% (WIN, 2020). This in turn leads to higher costs for drinking water and sanitation services, degrades the quality and reliability of supply and thus endangers the health of people (SDG 3). As women and girls, in many countries, are responsible for the management of household water supply, sanitation and health, they are disproportionally affected by corruption compared to men and can even be victims of sextortion and other forms of exploitation (SDG 5). To strengthen water integrity, there is a need to focus on SDG 16, which aims for accountable institutions. Water and sanitation sector organizations therefore need to operate with integrity to prevent corruption, and enhance credibility to achieve various SDG goals. This proposed webinar will bring together the experiences, and knowledge from different organizations on the topic of water integrity and discuss how integrity can help in catalysing the achievement of SDGs.


For further information about the webinar, please write to info(at)

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