Online Public Lecture on Gender: from Ivan Illich to Unitierra Oaxaca

November 10, 2022 | 14:30 h - 15:30 h

Online Public Lecture

Topic: Gender: from Ivan Illich to Unitierra Oaxaca

Speaker: Elías González Gómez, Guadalupe Santaella and Andrea González Fernández, Universidad de la Tierra, Oaxaca

Abstract:  In this talk we will address the gender dimension at the Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca. We will begin with a review of the concept of gender in Ivan Illich, friend and mentor of Gustavo Esteva, founder of Unitierra. We will underline Illich's inspirations in Gustavo and then how this dimension is currently being worked in Unitierra, particularly in healing and in the work with women.

Elías González Gómez: is a philosopher and writer. He focuses on interreligious dialogue and the bridge between mysticism and the struggles to build a new world. He collaborates with the Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca, ITESO and is a member of the Center for Studies of Religion and Society of the University of Guadalajara. He is a spiritual companion, a Zen practitioner and creator of study and dialogue groups around mysticism. Coordinates the blog Amanecer. Author of the following books: Encounter, Religation and Dialogue. Reflections towards an Inter-Religious dialogue, Impotent Tenderness, Discovering yourself in the Small, and Conviviality and political resistance from below: The legacy of Iván Illich in Mexico.

Guadalupe Santaella is a Medicine Woman, of Zapotec-Mixtec origin. Her political stance as an ecological and autonomous feminist is a commitment to life and mother earth. In 2013 she returned to her community of San Pablo Huitzo, walking with the Cholq´ij (Mayan calendar) as a way to decolonize in time and space and to retake the ancestral medicines of the Earth. She currently collaborates with the Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca in the area of collective healing among women.

Andrea González Fernández: Bachelor of Arts with orientation in art education by the UAZ.  Master's degree in cultural studies from UNACH. Research focused on free learning processes and community education. Teacher of secondary and higher education. Collaborator of Unitierra Oaxaca in the area of partnerships.

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