Global Peace and Security: The End of Arms Control? (postponed)

March 18, 2020 | 11:00 h - 12:00 h

Public lecture by Dr. Paul Walker (Green Cross International, Washington D.C.)

Abstract: With less than a year remaining for the US-Russian 2011 New START nuclear agreement to expire, it appears that there will be no remaining international treaty to restrict a new nuclear arms race from developing between Russia and the US. This appears to be an ominous sign, especially after the demise of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Agreement (INF) in 2019, the earlier withdrawal of the US from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, and the ongoing "modernization" of both US and Russian strategic and tactical nuclear forces. What needs to be done today to head off this new nuclear arms race, rebuild East-West relations, and engage in deeper nuclear arms reductions?

About the speaker: Dr. Paul F. Walker is an US-American political scientist who was awarded the “Alternative Nobel Prize” in 2013 for leveraging in effective programmes for arms control, disarmament, threat reduction and non-proliferation. Dr. Walker has worked, spoken, and published widely in the areas of international security, threat reduction, non-proliferation, and weapons demilitarization for over three decades and took part in the first on-site inspection of chemical weapons in Russia in 1994. Dr. Walker is currently Director of Green Cross International (GCI)’s Environmental Security and Sustainability program, vice chair of the Arms Control Association Board of Directors, and Manager of the GCI's Washington D.C. office.

Venue: ZEF's right conference room in the ground floor. (Genscherallee 3, 53113 Bonn)


Dr. Till Stellmacher


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