Between lecture hall and courtroom: Scientist Rebellion against climate failure

Photo by Jochen Dürr

February 22, 2024 | 13:30 h - 14:30 h

We'd like to invite you to our upcoming Public Lecture!

Topic: Between lecture hall and courtroom: Scientist Rebellion against climate failure
Speaker: Niko Froitzheim, Professor at the Steinmann Institute of Geology, Mineralogy and Paleontology of the University of Bonn.


How to join

The lecture will be held in hybrid mode (zoom and in-person at ZEF). 
You can join us in-person at ZEF, ground floor, conference room, Genscherallee 3, 53113 Bonn,
or online via Zoom:


At the first world climate conference in Geneva in 1979, meteorologist Hermann Flohn, the first director of the Meteorological Institute of Bonn University, clearly described the hazards of man-made climate change. In the meantime, anthropogenic CO2 emissions have continued to rise, neither stopped by international climate negotiations nor by scientist’s warnings nor by the protests of the Fridays for Future movement. Therefore, the international environmentalist group Scientist Rebellion tries to raise awareness by engaging in non-violent civil disobedience together with other groups like Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil, and Letzte Generation. The idea is that the reputation of academics thus supports the climate justice movement. On the other hand, scientists' warnings would eventually lose credibility if these scientists continued business as usual in the face of irreversible climate breakdown.

About the speaker

Niko Froitzheim is a geologist. His research deals with the tectonics of mountain ranges and continental margins. After studies at TU München and Bonn University and post-doc stays in Zürich and Basel he became a professor at Bonn University in 1999. He started teaching about the climate crisis in 2018.