Workshop of Uzbekistan project at ZEF from November 27-30

December 04, 2007.  

Around 50 international researchers as well as representatives of the UNESCO headquarter in Paris participated in the 'kick-off workshop' of ZEF's Uzbekistan project taking place at ZEF from November 27-30.The workshop wrapped up the research results of the project on "Economic and ecological restructuring of land and water use in the region Khorezm, Uzbekistan" so far and consolidated the plannings for the third and last research phase due to end in 2011. Cooperation partners from Uzbekistan said that the project is the "largest and most important scientific project" in the country and that they are looking forward to continuing the successful partnership. The project's final goal is to achieve ecological sustainability and contemporaneously improve the economic situation of the rural population in Khorezm, the study region in the Aralsea basin in the northwest of

Uzbekistan. One of ZEF's strategies is to develop regional human and academic capacity to enable the Uzbek partners to take the lead in this huge effort. More than 80 scientists are now involved in the project. Thirty-three students have received a BSc and 46 an MSc in Uzbekistan. Ten of a total of 23 PhD students involved in the project have graduated, six of them from Uzbekistan.





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