Book launch and public seminar on “Food Price Risks, Food Security, and G20”

February 14, 2017.  

With 800 million people worldwide still suffering from malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies, food insecurity remains unacceptably high. Excessive food price volatility poses further threats to the poor and vulnerable populations in developing countries in particular. The book “Food Price Volatility and its Implications for Food Security and Policy” provides a comprehensive analysis of the underlying drivers and consequences of instabilities in the food market and the role of policy as a tool to reduce volatility, or to increase the capacity to cope with volatility. The authors highlight that stronger interlinkages between the food, feed, financial and energy markets have contributed to rising and volatile food prices in recent years. Climate change has put additional pressure on food systems and it requires more attention. The book contributes to the current political agenda of the international community to reduce malnutrition and enhance food and nutrition security, including the One World, No Hunger initiative of the German Government, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the G20 agenda. The authors conclude that a well-functioning global institutional architecture for food and nutrition security is overdue.

About the speakers:

Professor Dr. Matthias Kalkuhl: Professor of Climate Change, Development and Economic Growth at the University of Potsdam, Germany, and Head of the Working Group Economic Growth and Human Development, MCC Berlin, Germany

Dr. Mekbib Haile: Senior Researcher at the Center for Development Research, ZEF, University of Bonn

Dr. Maximo Torero: Executive Director for Southern Latin American Countries - EDS08 at the World Bank in Washington, DC., USA.

Professor Joachim von Braun, Director at the Center for Development Research, ZEF, University of Bonn; former Director General of IFPRI in Washington (2002-2009); Chair of the National Bio-Economy Council in Germany and Vice-Chair of the German Welthungerhilfe.

Dr. Stefan Schmitz, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), coordinator and special representative of the BMZ project “One World no Hunger”.


Preisvolatilität bei Nahrungsmitteln und ihre Implikationen für Ernährungssicherheit und Politik. <link fileadmin downloads buch_zusammenfassung_deutsch-final.pdf download file>
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Food Price Volatility and its Implications for Food Security and Policy
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Book: Food Price Volatility and Its Implications for Food Security and Policy, Eds.: Matthias Kalkuhl, Joachim von Braun, Maximo Torero, Springer Publ. 2016. Downloadable (free of charge) from: <link http: book>