Approximately 3,500 people drowned in 2014 while trying to reach Europe over the Mediterranean.

May 26, 2015.  

The refugee problem due to political conflicts and wars requires international cooperation in diplomacy and security policies. Von Braun stated that it is good that in the discussion that is now running at the United Nations as part of the so-called sustainability goals there is a goal that migration should be secure, rule-based, organized and responsibly.

The economically motivated migration needs to be better understood, and von Braun underlined that the relationship between economic development and migration is not linear, “from the poorest countries and from the richest few migrate, but when poor countries get richer more migration occurs. The curve looks like an upside-down U. When economic development starts, there's also more migration. And that happens at present in Africa.”

As an important element of solutions to link migration and development von Braun stresses education. “One of the main reasons why young people in particular get on their dangerous migration path is not only to get a job in Europe, but they are looking for education and training because they know when they are better educated they can earn more anywhere in the world, including in their home country.“ And to link this to migration flows, von Braun recommended to issue for those who wait for example in Libya, training coupons enabling them to turn around and get trained at an African college near their home country. “Just focusing on destroying the boats of the criminal human traffickers will not solve much of the problem” von Braun emphasized.


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Joachim von Braun

Prof. Dr. Joachim von Braun


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