Congratulations to Professor Rattan Lal on receiving 2020 World Food Prize

June 16, 2020.  

ZEF congratulates Professor Rattan Lal on being awarded the 2020 World Food Prize. Prof. Lal has been honored for his work promoting climate-resilient agriculture through sustainable soil management. Prof. Lal’s work has spanned five decades and four continents, and has improved the livelihoods of billions of people globally. Prof. Lal has raised global awareness of the importance of soil health and the profound impact it has not only on agricultural yields, but also on climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as on global food security.

ZEF is proud of its long-standing collaboration with Prof. Lal. Particularly, as the Lead External Reviewer for ZEF’s project on Economics of Land Degradation, his wise and insightful advice throughout the research process were crucial for the success of this project and the continuing strong demand for the resulting book compiling its research findings.


Alisher Mirzabaev

PD Dr. Alisher Mirzabaev


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