ZEF Director Professor von Braun held annual "UN talk" in Bonn

October 28, 2011.  

ZEF Director Professor von Braun held the annual "UN talk" in Bonn on October 21, 2011. In his talk on “Feeding the world: Challenges, strategies and volunteers” he gave an overview of the challenges facing the global community in fighting hunger and poverty and showed ways out of the crisis. Around 150 people attended the talk which was held in the Art and Exhibition Hall of Bonn.


For strategies out of the crisis he first pointed out the different causes on the demand and supply side of the global (food) market. On the agenda for change von Braun listed solutions such as promoting agricultural growth with technology and institutional innovations, changing behavior among the global rich, reducing market volatility and increasing global trade as well as expanding social protection and child nutrition.


Von Braun also appealed to each person individually to volunteer in one way or another to make change possible and eventually happen.



The speech as video-cast


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