May 21. Dies Academicus University of Bonn: ZEF and WASCAL present research and cooperation in West Africa

May 14, 2014.  

Research for development: WASCAL/ZEF reports on research and scientific cooperation in West Africa

Chair: John Lamers, ZEF senior researcher

WASCAL – what is it all about? (Christian Borgemeister, ZEF-Director)

Partnerships in higher education and research with West Africa (Minni Boutros, ZEF senior researcher and coordinator of WASCAL graduate program)

On the impact of climate change in West Africa (Dominik Wisser, ZEF senior researcher, hydrologist)

Fishermen‘s migration in Northern Benin (Papa Sow, ZEF senior researcher, social scientist)

Farmers‘ innovation contest in Ghana (Tobias Wünscher, ZEF senior researcher, economist)


Location: Hörsaal II, University's main building.

All presentations will be given in English.


Jelana Vajen