CGE and Macroeconometric Modeling Courses

October 08, 2004.  

Four Intensive Courses in CGE and Macroeconometric Modeling


January 10-15, 2005

Washington DC - USA




We are pleased to inform you that the EcoMod Network is organizing four

intensive six-day courses on general equilibrium modeling with GAMS in

Washington DC on January 10-15, 2005.

Details and online registration are available on:


The following courses will be provided simultaneously in four classes:


Practical CGE Modeling with GAMS: Intensive course in general equilibrium

modeling at the introductory level. For those who have little or no

experience in modeling or in GAMS.


Advanced Techniques in CGE Modeling with GAMS: Intensive course at the

advanced level. The course will focus on multinational and multisectoral

general equilibrium modeling with imperfect competition and intertemporal

dynamics. This course is only accessible to the EcoMod alumni, or to those

who have sufficient experience in general equilibrium modeling and in GAMS.


Trade Policy Modeling with GAMS: The course will focus on dynamic

multinational and multisectoral general equilibrium modeling with imperfect

competition applied to international trade issues.


Macroeconometric Modeling with TROLL: Intensive course on TROLL and

multinational quarterly macro-econometric modeling with intertemporal




EcoMod courses use a unique, integrated and practical approach to model

building. Participants actually build the models step-by-step with guidance

from instructors: from small to large scale and from simple to complex

structure. The training is fully practical and provides 'hands-on'

experience through intensive use of exercises on the computer.


Contact Information


For further information please contact:


Ms Theresa Leary

EcoMod Network

[Email] Theresa.Leary@EcoMod.Net


[Tel] +1 413 586 3203

[Fax] +1 413 517 0900


Please feel free to share this information with colleagues who may be

interested in a specialized training in general equilibrium modeling.


Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske


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