Looking for a labour economist

October 19, 2004.  

Glocoms, Inc. is looking for a senior labour economist to join our team for a one month project in Gambia. The project is to establish a redundancy and compensation framework for the Public Enterprises. The project will start in December 2004. Please review the project description below and send me your resume (CV) and daily rate if you are interested.



Scope of Work for the Consultant


Jim Ramsey wrote:


The Consultant will be required to:


· Conduct a review of the current labour laws with specific reference to

redundancy and where appropriate, make recommendation for amendments in

line with the current divestiture programme.


· Review international “best practice” and lessons from similar

experiences that ran into problems in the region and draw lessons for

The Gambia base on these. Also analyse the impact on poverty and skills

development for re-training retrenched workers.


· Develop a framework for a fair compensation package for redundant

employees, which can be used consistently for all affected employees.


· Clearly identify a classification scheme for payment of compensation

consistent with best practise methodology which includes amongst other



o Term of employment (permanent, seasonal, etc.)


o Category (level in the hierarchy)


o All other appropriate criteria


The key factors determining the levels of compensation must be clearly

identified and justified.




The outputs and deliverables for this consultancy are:


· The Redundancy and Compensation Framework report in draft format.


· A presentation of the above Framework to stakeholders for discussion

and comment at an open workshop.


· A final Redundancy and Compensation Framework, incorporating

stakeholder comments.




Best regards,




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+ Glocoms, Inc +

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+ USA +

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Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske


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