INCO Workprogramme

November 18, 2004.  

>Dear colleagues,


>The next call under the European Commission's International Cooperation

>programme for research will focus on arid and semi-arid ecoregions. It

>will probably be published in December 2004.

>Most of the relevant information on the themes to be addressed is covered

>in p. 7 - 11 of the latest version of the workprogramme. The INCO

>workprogramme may be downloaded from



>If the link above does not work, try


>and scroll down till you see

>'Specific measures in support of international co-operation'; then scroll

>to the right to download the most recent version - this is the 11th

>update, dated 02.09.2004.


>Kindest regards,


>Willemine Brinkman

>ETFRN coordinator


Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske