European Master of Science Agroecology

December 06, 2007.  



A new European Master of Science Agroecology started in August

2007 and

will be now open for the second year. The master is a 4 semesters


months) of full-time study curriculum (120 European credits) with


stays at different Universities in Europe. The master is jointly


out by five European partners:

Norwegian University of Life Science, As, Norway,

FESIA consortium (ISARA-Lyon, ESA Angers), France,

Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala, Sweden,

University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy,

University of Torino, Italy.


Inscription deadline is 1 march 2008 for Non-Europeans and 15

april 2008

for Europeans. Detailed information and downloads can be

accessed on


For further information please contact

Dr. Alexander Wezel


Associate Professor for Agroecology

Department of Agroecosystems, Environment and Production


AGRAPOLE - 23, rue Jean Baldassini

69364 Lyon cedex 07


Phone : +33(0)4 27 85 85 84

Fax : +33(0)4 27 85 85 86


Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske