Joachim von Braun talks about "Feeding 10 Billion with Less" at Jülich Lecture *Video now online*

July 25, 2013.  

ZEF-director Joachim von Braun was invited to talk together with Professor M.S. Swaminathan at the 7th "Jülich Lecture" on the topic of "Feeding 10 Billion with Less".


M.S. Swaminathan holds the UNESCO Chair in Ecotechnology and is a World Food Prize Winner. He talked about "Feeding and Fuelling the Future" while Joachim von Braun focused on the opportunities of a Bio-economy in his talk "What innovations for food and nutrition security in a bio-economy age?". The event took place in Jülich on Juny 28.


Read the official announcement of the lecture:

Human numbers and demands are growing. Per capita availability of arable land and irrigation water is shrinking. There is an urgent need for scientific advancement and implementation of measures to mitigate the adverse impact of climate change on food and livelihood security. This Jülich Lecture will address issues and options for meeting one of the most urgent challenges facing mankind – "How to feed 10 billion with less".


The video of the lecture is available on the Jülich website.

Joachim von Braun's slides can be downloaded here.


Photos kindly provided by Forschungszentrum Jülich.


Alma van der Veen


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