Open Lecture on "Floods, droughts, and water related infastructure" at the United Nations University in Bonn.

October 21, 2004.  

Invitation for an Open Lecture


It is our great pleasure to present Professor Bela Petry, from the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, Netherlands and Consultant who will be delivering an open lecture at the United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) with the following title


Floods, droughts, and water related infrastructure

-Reflections in the Context of Vulnerability and Capacity-

Professor BELA PETRY; UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and Consultant

Delft, The Netherlands


16 November 2004

4 p.m.

on the premises of UNU-EHS

Görresstr. 15, 53113 Bonn

Room A 217


Abstract: In spite of very substantial and increasing worldwide efforts and commitments at different levels to improve capability of human societies to cope with the dynamics of extreme hydro-meteorological events, statistics of losses (human, socio-economic, financial and ecological) show an alarming escalation during recent decades. Among the multiple reasons for such trend, the shortcomings of existing water related infrastructure in quantity and quality play a very important and apparent role. This is in particular clear in the case of developing countries in which needs are growing fast and much of the infrastructure still remains to be developed or improved, adequately operated and maintained.

In the presentation an attempt will be made to explore some of the relevant linkages between infrastructure—as a response of human communities—and the vulnerability of these communities to the occurrences of floods or droughts.

The presentation will include reference to selected projects in the context of floods and droughts in Latin America (examples from Brazil) and the Arabian Peninsula (example from Oman). The presented cases will be used to draw the attention to factors that enhance the capacity to cope with adverse situations; to highlight shortcomings of current infrastructure development; and to support conclusions related to the possibilities of enhancing their effectiveness—a step towards reduced vulnerability.



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