Innovative research for sustainable land and water use in Uzbekistan

June 12, 2008.  

was the overall topic of a workshop organized by the ZEF/UNESCO project in Khorezm, Uzbekistan. The workshop took place in Tashkent and Urgench, Uzbekistan, from May 27-29 2008. Around 70 participants attended the workshop, which was co-organized by the State University of Urgench, and held in the conference hall of the Uzbek Ministry of Agricultural and Water Resources (MAWR) (Tashkent) and in the Mamun Academy in Khiva (near Urgench).


The main objective of the workshop was to share the project’s technologies and concepts for improved land and water use with policy makers, representatives of natural resources institutions, farmers, and the scientific community in Uzbekistan.


On the first workshop day in Tashkent, high-ranking visitors attended the workshop, among them the deputy Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan, Dr. Khavkat Hamraev, the deputy Minister of Agricultural Research, Dr. Abdushukur Khanazarov, the German Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Mr. Matthias Meyer, as well as representatives of the Uzbek parliament, of UNDP, multilateral donor organisations such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. In addition, representatives of the Uzbek research community such as SANIIRI were participating.


The following two workshop days were conducted in the project region of Khorezm, around 1200 km east from Tashkent. The program consisted of a mix between scientific presentations and field visits to the project’s experimental sites. Here, innovative technologies for improved land and water use such as laser-guided land leveller, hand-held Green Seeker Sensors for Nitrogen management and crop yield forecasting, aerobic rice cultivation, and afforestation of marginal lands were demonstrated.


The workshop was well received by the local stakeholders and the project was requested to set up concrete recommendations based on the scientific project’s findings in order to present them directly to the Ministry for Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan.



Alma van der Veen