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May 05, 2015.  



Read about the latest research conducted at ZEF in <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_01.pdf external link in new>ZEF news no. 31. (April 2015). Its  focus is on "Water and environment in a mobile world". Topics include Crossroads Studies, Safe drinking water and MDGs as well as Land degradation in Eastern Africa.





In this issue you can read articles about the following topics:

  • Editorial and Lead article: <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p2.pdf download file>
    Crossroads Studies: From spatial containers to studying the mobile world (by Anna-Katharina Hornidge and Katja Mielke)

  • Research at ZEF:
    <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p4.pdf download file>Typhoon Haiyan and migration (by Cleovi Mosuela and Denise Margaret Matias); <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p4-5.pdf download file>

    Developing food and nutrition security criteria for biomass standards (by Anna Mohr); <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p5.pdf download file>

    Planting trees for a better environment in rural Uzbekistan (by Holm Voigt); <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p6.pdf download file>

    Water quality matters: Celebration of achieving MDGs on safe drinking water premature (by Evita Hanie Pangaribowo); <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p7.pdf download file>

    Diving into known territory: Water-related research of the Global Water System Project at ZEF (by Anik Bhaduri)

  • Viewpoint: <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p8.pdf download file>Interview with ZEF-senior felllow Devesh Rustaghi;

  • Doctoral theses @ ZEF: <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p10.pdf download file>
    Why taking action against land degradation in Eastern Africa is worth the effort (by Oliver K. Kirui);

    <link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p11.pdf download file>The impact of the Southeastern Anatolia Project on the political and ecological landscape in the region (by Arda Bilgen)

  • Doctoral field research @ ZEF:
    "<link fileadmin webfiles zef_news no_31 zef_news_31_website_p12.pdf download file>Small-scale farmers have a double burden to bear". ZEF-researcher Mekbib Haile about his research on price volatility in Ethiopia.


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Alma van der Veen