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May 03, 2016.  

Read about the role of science and innovations in Africa, environmental communications in China and doctoral research conducted at ZEF in our latest <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_may_17_short.pdf download file>ZEF news no. 33 (April 2016): 

Lead article: <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_lead_article.pdf download file>Science and agricultural innovation in Africa, page 2;

Editorial: <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_editorial.pdf download file>Combining short-term relief with long-run actions, page 2;

- <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_4_impact_decision_making.pdf download file>How research can have an impact on decision-making for sustainable development, page 4;
- <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_4_data_portal.pdf download file>ZEF's Data Portal, page 4;
- <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_5_grain_supply_and_demand.pdf download file>Why global grain supply and demand differ, page 5;
- <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_6_land_erosion.pdf download file>Land erosion on the rise worldwide, page 6;
- <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_7_pollution_in_china.pdf download file>Communicating about air and water pollution in China, page 7;

<link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_8_9_viewpoint_rlc.pdf download file>Interview with Till Stellmacher about the Right Livelihood Campus, page 8;

Doctoral theses @ ZEF
: <link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_11_bandung_creative_city.pdf download file>Bandung, a tale of a creative Indonesian city, page 10;

Doctoral field research @ ZEF:
<link fileadmin downloads zef_news zef_news_33_page_12_field_research_in_burkina_faso.pdf download file>Interview with Nicholas Moret about conducting research in the midst of political turmoil, page 12.





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