Grace Villamor

Video of ZEF-researcher Grace Villamor presenting at the NEXUS conference on Water-Energy-Food held in Bonn on May 19-20, 2014. 

Villamor presented her research on "Local actors dealing with Water-Energy-Food trade-offs" at a special session (A04) organized by ZEF on "Agriculture, Biofuels, and Watersheds: Nexus Governance Challenges at Local and Global Scales" (May 19).

Watch more videos of presentations by ZEF researchers at the special session:

* Alisher Mirzabaev on "Bio-energy in the Nexus"
* Marc Müller on "Impact of increasing world-market prices for oil seeds"
* Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna on "Managing W-E-F trade-offs in Brazil"

You can also watch the plenary 3 discussion on "Governing the nexus for transformations towards a sustainable future" with ZEF-director Joachim von Braun (May 20).


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