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"Flüchtling – Arbeitsmigrant – Dschihadist / Zur Rolle von Translokalität in Afghanistan."

Public lecture with Conrad Schetter, at ZEF in Bonn


"Child Labour in Human Rights Perspective: Case Study of Child Scavengers of Lahore, Pakistan".

Public lecture with Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt (Government College University Lahore, Pakistan) at ZEF in Bonn


"Pakistan Floods of 2010/2011: Souring of a Faustian?"

Public seminar with Dr. Daanish Mustafa (King's College, London) at ZEF in Bonn


"Kompetenznetzwerk "Crossroads Asia". Ein neuer Ansatz der Regionalforschung"

Conrad Schetter, Universität Bonn


"Die Paschtunen und ihre Bedeutung für regionale und internationale Konflikte"

Public seminar with Robert Haag at ZEF in Bonn


"Transnationale Migration"

Lecture with Prof. Thomas Faist at ZMO in Berlin


"What Counts as Religion in Kyrgyz Social Life?"

Lecture with Nathan Light at HU in Berlin


"Political Islam and Economy in Central Asia: Islamic Movements, their Socio-Economic Background and Ideological Aspects"

Lecture of Parviz Mullojanov (Tajikistan) at the Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin


Marriage Networks and Local Relationships of Authority in Northeast Afghanistan

Public seminar with Andreas Wilde at ZEF, Bonn


The Transformation of Urban Spaces in Central Asia

Sgibnev, Wladimir, 28.09.2011, 11 Uhr im ZEF, University of Bonn.


Geopolitics and Governance: Energy, Water, Rule of Law in Central Asia and Afghanistan

Klaus W. Grewlich. 14.09.2011, 11 Uhr im ZEF, University of Bonn.


Talk by Crossroads Asia Visting Fellow Prof. Moonis Ahmar

"Challenging the Secular State in Pakistan: the new Mobility of Radical Networks and the Transformation of the Terrorist Threat" Crossroads Asia Visiting Fellow Prof. Moonis Ahmar will give the above mentioned talk on...


Auftaktveranstaltung des Kompetenznetzwerks "Crossroads Asia"

Mit Vorträgen von Prof. Dr. Bert Fragner (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien) und Dr. Magnus Marsden (SOAS, London)

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