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"One hundred Years of servitude: colonialism, labour history and Assam"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Dr. Rana Behal (Crossroads Asia Fellow)


Staat und Gesellschaft in Zentralasien

2. Interdisziplinärer Zentralasientag, Hamburg


"Re-thinking secular-nationalism and untouchability in contemporary Central India"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Beatrice Renzi (University of Fribourg/Switzerland) at ZELF Berlin


Conference "Crossroads Studies: Mobilities, Immobilities and the Issue of Positionality for Rethinking Area Studies"

Crossroads Asia Conference to be held November 27-28, 2014 at ZEF, Bonn


"Landslide and Lake Formation in Attabad Hunza: Role of FOCUS Pakistan in Disaster Risk Management"

Crossroads-Asia Lecture by Nusrat Nasab


International Migration from 20th Century Asia. A Historical Perspective.

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Kamoludin Abdullaev


"Narrating and Negotiating Urban Conflict: A Study of Lyari, Karachi"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Nida Kirmani, ZMO Berlin


Launch of the World Science Report "Changing Global Environments"

organized by ZEF, EADI, ISSIC and the City of Bonn at ZEF in Bonn


"Kyrgyzstan's Dordoy and Kara-Suu Bazaars: Eurasian Mobilities, Exchange, and Survival in a Post-Soviet Age"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Hassan Karrar (Lahore University of Management Sciences)


"Historical Investigation of Interactions at the Russian-Kazakh Frontier and Strategies for Ransom Russian Slaves in Central Asia in the 18th and 19th Centuries"

Internal Crossroads Asia presentation by Elena Smolarz (IOA, University of Bonn)


Internal Crossroads Asia Workshop, ZMO Berlin: Transregional Crossroads of Social Interaction

The Shifting Meaning of Regional Belonging in South and Central Asia


"In Another Country: Migration, Poverty and Belonging in Contemporary India."

Lecture by Bengt G. Karlsson (Stockholm University) at ZEF Bonn


Conference "Spaces of Conflict in Everyday Life: Figurations and Methodology"

Crossroads Asia Conference to be held October 11, 2014 in Munich


"Cultures of informality in Eastern Europe and the post-soviet space in comparative perspective"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Prof. Nicolas Hayoz


"Food Security: Can Transgenic Crops Feed the World?"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Dr. Charito P. Medina


From Uyghurs to Kashgari (and back?) - Migration and cross-border interactions between Xinjiang and Pakistan

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Alessandro Rippa at LMU


"Generation Kunduz - Der Krieg der Anderen"

Movie screening, organized by 'Studieren ohne Grenzen', WOKI Bonn, July 21, 8:30 pm


"Masculinity, Cultural Idioms, and Shifting Subjectivities among Afghan Pashtuns. A Psychodynamic View on Conflicting Social Figurations"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by A. Chiovenda, HU Berlin


"100 Years of Suffering: How Words and Images are Shaping a New Hazara Consciousness"

Chrossroads Asia Lecture by Melissa Kerr Chiovenda, HU Berlin


"How labor migration turns into trafficking for sexual exploitation: The case of Uzbekistan"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Gulnara Kuzibaeva at HU Berlin


2. Bonner Nadaam Fest

an der Universität Bonn/Abteilung Mongolistik, in Kooperation mit der Deutsch-Mongolischen Gesellschaft und dem Mongolei Zentrum Bonn

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