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ZEF hosts academic delegation from Pakistan

On the morning of 16th July, ZEFa will host an academic delegation from Pakistan that includes the Vice Chancellor of Government College Lahore, the Principal of Government Degree College Kahana, several high ranking bureaucrats,...


"Mythos, Ratsversammlung und Verfassungsorgan: Die Loya Jirga als Teil der politischen Geschichte und Kultur Afghanistans"

Einladung zur Buchpräsentation am ZEF in Bonn


"Network or community. The utility of two models of social relations on the case of urban Uyghur Kashgar, Xinjiang, China"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Rune Steenberg (Xroads fellow at ZELF) at ZEF in Bonn


2nd joint Workshop of Crossroads Asia and competence network Latin America on "Crossroads Studies"

at ZEF in Bonn


"Self-Reflexive Area Studies: Perspectives on their history (not only) in the Socialist world"

Crossroads Asia Lecture (via skype) by Steffi Marung (University of Leipzig) at ZEF in Bonn


"ZEF ethics policy, and ethical clearance procedure"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Joe Hill at ZEF in Bonn


Workshop 'Concepts of Space and Ordering in the Area Studies'

Monday, 17 February 2014 (9.00-17.00), Geozentrum Bonn


"Small places, large issues: Farmer-managed irrigation in the Karakorum (Baltistan) and trans-Himalaya (Ladakh)"

Lecture by Joe Hill at ZEF in Bonn


Water into Gold: Russian and Soviet Visions for Transforming the Central Asian Borderlands

Crossroads Asia Lecture held by Maya K. Peterson


Book Launch: "Pakistan: Land der Extreme. Geschichte, Politik und Kultur." C.H. Beck.

by Katja Mielke and Conrad Schetter at ZEF in Bonn


"Knowledge Transfer and Cultural Context"

Public lecture by Dirk Tänzler (University of Bonn) at ZEF in Bonn


"Globalizing religion: Preliminary Considerations on Historical and Contemporary Developments"

Key note by Volkhard Krech (University of Bochum) at Crossroads Asia Conference "Mobilizing religion: Networks and Mobility" in Bonn


"Migration and the multiple spaces of citizenship"

Public lecture by Margit Fauser at ZEF in Bonn


"Social Mobilization, Migration and Citizenship"

1st Workshop between the Research Networks Latin America and Crossroads Asia to be held July 17, 2013 at ZEF in Bonn


"The contemporary Uzbek nation-state and national identity: Soviet legacy and post-socialist developments"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Alisher Ilkhamov (SOAS London) at ZEF in Bonn


"The Localization of the Transnational Tablighi Jama’at Network in Kyrgyzstan: Reconsidering Traditional and Islamic Practices"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Visiting Fellow Mukaram Toktogulova today at ZMO Berlin


"Tracing Connections: Explorations of Place and Spaces in Asian Multilocalities"

Crossroads Asia Workshop at ZELF in Berlin


"Coolies, Recruiters and Planters: Migration of Indian Labour to the Southeast Asian and Assam Plantations during Colonial Rule"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Rana Behal (University of Delhi) at ZELF in Berlin


"Space, Area Studies and Southeast Asia"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Vincent van Houben (HU Berlin) at ZEF in Bonn


"Women's rights in Afghanistan: status quo and post-2014"

"Alternative Nobel Prize"-laureates Monika Hauser and Sima Samar talk at ZEF in Bonn


"Migration and Translocal Development among the Wakhi of Gojal, Pakistan."

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Andreas Benz, at ZELF, FU Berlin


"The Long Journey. Geographic and Social Mobility along the Example of Bukharan Jews in the 20th Century"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Thomas Loy (HU Berlin) at ZEF in Bonn


"Migration, Translocality, Globalization - The Distinctive Case of the Baloch"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Brian Spooner at ZMO Berlin


"Islam and Secular Sensibilities in Post-Soviet Eurasia"

Lecture by John Schoberlein at ZMO in Berlin


"Analysing Discourses. Relevance, Possibilities and Limitations of Researching Discourses."

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller (Uni Augsburg) at ZEF in Bonn


"Romantik an der Seidenstraße. Wer heiratet in Kashgar?"

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Rune Steenberg, at ZELF, FU Berlin


"IWRM-Research in Post-soviet Environments – The Case of Uzbekistan"

Presentation by Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge in Bonn


"Trade and Modernization in the Borderlands of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang."

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Henryk Alff, at ZELF, FU Berlin


"Wissen – Entwicklungselixir oder Hegemonialdiskurs (?)"

Gastvortrag von Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge an der Universität Augsburg


"Critical junctures of globalization and the area studies."

Crossroads Asia Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ulf Engel (Uni Leipzig) at ZEF in Bonn


"Die Nation der Gegensätze. Ethnizität, Islam und Nationalstaat in Afghanistan"

Gastvortrag von Dr. Conrad Schetter, Staatliches Völkerkundemuseum in München


"Relocating Borders: a comparative approach."

Second EastBordNet Conference at Humboldt Universität Berlin


"War 2.0 und Ungoverned Territories. Das afghanisch-pakistanische Grenzgebiet und die neue Geographie des Krieges"

Gastvortrag von Dr. Conrad Schetter in Hamburg

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