Seaport efficiency, trade policy, and agricultural export capacity


Agricultural trade, export capacity, EU trade policy




The project has the following objectives:

(i) to assess the administrative costs of exportation from Ghana to the EU for tropical fruits and fish,
(ii) to understand demand and supply-side constraints in the market for certification and proper handling of agricultural products, and
(iii) to identify and estimate the investment costs to promote higher exportation of tropical fruits and fish from Ghana to the EU.


The information needed to address the research questions above will be collected through a structured questionnaire, that includes a states choice experiment, administered to 200 horticultural exporters and 150 fish exporters in Ghana. The exporters will be contacted through the various exporter associations.

Main Cooperation Partners

  • Dr. Daniel Sakyi (KNUST)
  • Dr. Linus Linneaus Tannor
Main Funding Partners

Volkswagen Foundation

Duration of the Project

Nov 20 - Oct 21



Dr. Lukas Kornher


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